Countdown Begins

Countdown Begins

by Donna

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

My husband and I will begin full timing in September and would like to know if there are places that you would suggest we try out. We are looking forward to traveling and will probably spend up to one month in any specific area. Where should we try first? We live in Connecticut and are looking forward to leaving it behind us....

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Jan 27, 2012
Where to go?
by: Richard

You'll find, if you haven't already, that monthly rates in CGs are much less expensive in the south. More CGs in the south also have better roads, sites, more recreational stuff, too.

We will be in New England this next Autumn and will stay for three months. We cringe at the thought of paying way more for way less, but, location, location, location is key!

I agree with the former post about going further south than where the south begins. Florida has the most CGs per capita in the US. Texas, the southern half, offers warmer climes, cheaper rates and lots to see and do. If you like mountains, try the Great Smoky Mountains, or the beautiful ranges out west.

Macinac (pronounced macinaw) Island on Michigan's U.P. is a wonderful place to be in the summer.
I'm sure you'll get it down pat after listening to others and doing your own research.

Best of luck to y'all!

Jan 07, 2012
by: Donna

We can't leave Connecticut yet! My son, the last of 4, will be getting married in August and there will be too much to do around here with that, showers etc. Our house goes up for sale this spring, but with the economy the way it is, I doubt that it will sell. The good thing is, we are not dependent on it selling. Anybody looking for a big old farmhouse in New England?

Jan 04, 2012
by: Marsha and Joe

South! But make it further south than NC ... we have been in low 20's last couple nites, and will be again tonight.

Why pray tell, keeps you in Conn. til Sept. put it in "DRIVE" and get moving :) The pic of your rig is great, soon as I can find a replacement for my current TT, hubby is gonna QUIT job and we are gonna hit the road too... figure June at the latest sooner if at all possible.

We ditched the SB lifestyle 3 months ago, and currently in a local campground... loving it, but so ready for the 'mobile' portion of our lifestyle change to begin.

Anyway, best of luck to you both, enjoy and hope to see ya down the road some day.

God Bless

Jan 03, 2012
Southern California in the winter!
by: Anonymous

Get away from that freezing weather!

Jan 03, 2012
Head South
by: Valerie

There is a great book entitled "Drive I-95" that lists every exit all the way down to Key West. It lists the exit number and the various things you will find off of each exit. There are so many things to see and along this corridor. My daughter gave me this book last year for Christmas and I have enjoyed the many restaurants, attractions, camp grounds and other sites that I never would have found without this book.

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