Cost of Full Time Rving

Cost of Full Time Rving

by Carol Smith
(Abita Springs, LA)

We are getting ready to be fulltime rvers and it is getting a little scary. Because our 401k took a large hit, we are going to be trying to live on $1,500 a month for 2 people. Are we being unrealistic? The only bills we will have are insurance, maintenance and general living expenses.
Look forward to any information.

Carol Smith

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Feb 15, 2014
Just My Humble Opinion
by: Anonymous

This blog posting is old but it's still relevant. I've been all over the web looking at peoples opinion on this. There are many answers. I have seen people figuring $45k is being too frugal and having to cut costs to the bone.

The cost couldn't be a bigger variable. There are people that live every single day in a home that they think is nice, eat well (as far as they are concerned), entertain themselves with the things they like and still only spend $1,500 a month.

Others would look way down their big noses at them and call them trailer trash or something. There are people that can live on $600 a month RVing and not have a clue they are supposed to me miserable. They won't have hughs net, directv with every channel, won't drive a $300k rig that gets 6 miles per gallon and have no desire to be in a park any more than they have to.

They'll eat on 150 a month and not eat out because in reality, people that can eat out every day don't even have a clue how bad restaurant food SUCKS! They won't need to have other people doing things for them constantly and can fix their own stuff.

I looked at the prices of parks and have determined that I myself can do it just fine for 500 to 600 a month without changing my lifestyle all that much. I don't need to spend much as my hobbies are free or cheap and the food that I like doesn't cost all that much. I'll be proving it within the next 9 months.

Dec 05, 2009
Rving Costs
by: Sharon

Hi Carol,

First let me welcome you into the family of Full Time RVers. Full-timers are a wonderful group of adventurous and friendly folks.

Also, sorry to hear about the 401K, but I assure you most of us are in the same boat in regards to that issue. It'll take us years to recover the losses I am sure.

Now for your you're not crazy to think you can do full time RV living on $1500 a month budget. You could even spend less should you decide to.

The thing about figuring the true costs of RVing is it's all dependent on how you decide to do it. Sure you can spend lots of money, but you can also find ways to be frugal and cut your Rving costs.

Simple expenses like you described such as insurance, maintenance and general living expenses, won't set you back much. A simple budget and plan will keep you on track. We spend about $600 a month for our expenses, but your expenses are completely dependent on how you full time.

Here's the thing. You will determine how often you travel, which parks you stay at, and what you spend money on in addition to your fixed expenses.

These are the expenses you'll incur and should budget for according to your plans. Fuel, park rent, electric, propane, internet, and satellite TV if the park doesn't have cable. Of course your RV insurance, laundry, any medical expenses, and any misc entertainment plus basic living expenses.

Here's how you cut costs if you're dialing back on expenses. Choose to stay monthly at RV Parks it's considerably cheaper than weekly or daily rates. Annual rentals are the most cost effective if you plan to be in an area for an extended period. Lots of folks winter in places like Arizona and choose an annual rental because in most parks six months will cost you the same as twelve, so be sure to ask. Some annual rates in resort parks are only $1900 a year in Arizona. Of course it will depend on what state you're staying in and what you're overall plans are.

Choose parks that include free cable, and wi-fi with the rental space. If you have a generator try boondocking while you travel or stay in State Parks that are much less expensive - especially for folks who are senior citizens. Then your budgeted rent will really stretch and can be used for fuel and propane costs.

You could also try Workamping where you trade a few hours of work for a free rental space. It's popular with Full Time RVers.

We have put together some excellent articles on Rving costs, Workamping and boondocking you might like to read.

The RV lifestyle can be a very frugal way to live and travel or extremely expensive depending on the decisions you make.

I hope others will share their advice and experience on this RV Q & A. The more the merrier.

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