Fixed Object Collisions

Fixed Object Collisions or running into stationary objects can be really embarrassing, but it can also be very dangerous.

RV driving tips: Watch for road construction, low overhead wires, low overhead signs, tree branches, damaged signs obstructing the road. High risk zones include congested intersections or tight construction areas.

Driving Maneuvers:

Over Stop Sign

Right Turn Procedure

  • Get into the farthest right lane, slow down, watching traffic as you proceed.

  • If you are using the left lane, swing wide and keep the rear of your RV close to the curb. If you leave too much room another vehicles may dart in to get around you.

  • After your turn if you have crossed into the oncoming lane watch for other vehicles.

Left Turn Procedure

  • If there are two left turn lanes use the one on the right which allows more turning room.

  • Turn your RV as the vehicle reaches the center of the intersection. Turning too early may create a collision. Use Wide Angle Reflectors which are designed to be easily seen, even from an angle, so other motorists know you're there! Reflects beyond 45 degrees for visibility while turning or in cross traffic.

RV Driving Tip:

  • Three lefts equals a right! Instead of taking a chance on a left turn in heavy traffic; make three right turns instead. You'll end up safely in the same intersection.

Overhead Obstructions

Snow buildup or asphalt repairs can change road height. Previous damage to overhead signs may have changed their height. Approach slowly and if in doubt get out and look.

To Avoid Collisions!

Be alert, aware and calm. Use driving procedures for proper backing and turning procedures, look for possible hazards, don't drive while fatigued, and avoid driving too fast. Use your mirrors, use your horn and flashers when backing, avoid any distractions for proper driving safety and to avoid a traffic accident.