Your Clutter Free RV

Time to create a clutter free RV! We have been in many RV parks where the full-timers are busting out of their trailers and all sorts of items end up surrounding the outside of their parking space.

Clutter Free RV

When full-timers put refrigerators, and other household items outside their trailers it ruins the appearance of the park not to mention your neighbors view. This situation makes a full-time RVer as house bound as a conventional home owner.

We have some easy tips and for organizing your RV. You want your RV travel to be a wonderful adventure...and being organized while on the road doesn't have to be a storage nightmare.

Use our space saving tips to maximize the limited space of your RV and make every inch of storage as efficient as possible. How do you create a Clutter Free RV? Have you seen Peter Walsh and the clutter crew on Oprah? Peter talks about being buried beneath stuff and how it robs us of our life.

As a fulltime RVer, we need to take this advice to the next level. Being disorganized and untidy can happen quickly in the small space of an RV, and decluttering is liberating. Peter's new book Enough Already!: Clearing Mental Clutter to Become the Best You is a fun and informative read for anyone.

It's time to clear the clutter, get your RV house in order and enjoy a Clutter Free RV.

Clutter Free RV

  1. Getting rid of clutter begins by tossing anything you haven't used in over a year.

  2. Nothing blocking the slides, if you have so many things you can't pull your slides in, it's time to toss. What's the point in living in a movable house when you can't pull in the slides and go. Some folks have even had their slide covers destroyed in high winds causing leaks because they couldn't bring in the slides.

  3. Use multi-use items whenever possible. Like a versatile insulated cooler. It can be used as a table, and storage container for both inside and out.

  4. Instead of plastic containers to store items consider collapsible storage containers that will conveniently fold flat when not in use. Lots of items are now available in a collapsible variety such as folding crates, silicone strainers, laundry baskets, and storage totes, even ladders.

  5. If you need more storage space in your RV look for wasted space that can be maximized.

  6. Think vertical! RV space it always limited so think of going up instead of out. Wasted space in cabinets can be maximized using cabinet shelves, roll-out drawers, sliding cup racks, and under-shelf baskets.

  7. Keep cleaning supplies in handy plastic baskets. Everything will stay put while traveling and tidy when parked.

  8. Find creative ways to store and simplify bulky items.

  9. Prevent items from sliding by lining drawers and shelves with non-slip liners.

  10. Use stacking bins or shelves to prevent items from shifting

  11. Use storage bags to protect items in the base of your RV from dust and dirt.

  12. Maximize cabinet space by adding a freestanding drawer units that you can slide into the opening.

  13. Removable adhesive hooks won't damage your walls and can hold towels, robes, kitchen utensils in the kitchen, etc.

  14. A rod doubler or a hanging bag, separates hanging and folded clothes that can fold down when not in use.

  15. Organize your travel guides, RV park reservations or important paperwork with hanging storage bags.

Our journey to our Clutter Free RV began with some things we didn't think we could live without sitting in a storage unit for over a year. We built a homemade box on the back of our truck to haul these treasures from California to Texas.

Once we got to Texas we couldn't decide what to do with this stuff. Finally we said enough already! We posted an ad on Craig's List - "Free Everything in the Storage Unit Goes to the First One to Show Up and Take It!" We got a dozen calls in a couple minutes everyone scrambling to beat the other one to the unit. Within 30 minutes the storage was empty. Smiling, we knew instantly that it was the right thing to do. We were no longer held down by these belongings.

Feeling great we headed back to the trailer and tossed the last of a household full of items we'd been toting with us into the car and headed to the Goodwill. What a liberating day.