Choosing a Camper - HELP!

Choosing a Camper - HELP!

We have sold our home and are purchasing a camper. House market was bad; ended up renting to a family. We had a plan to be camp hosts and in a couple years still have that dream to travel. In the meantime we are purchasing a used camper and placing in a park near where our job is. We live in central Fl.

We are a couple in our 40's with 2 chihuahuas (1 is under 2 lbs) and a 14 year old that has traveled and been home schooled the past few years. We have either lived in a tent for months or 24 ft camper for some months as well. With that background, we have a choice of a 30 ft 1998 coachmen royal with superslide, a 1999 28 ft fifth wheel light Catalina or a 26' terry with superslide. Our first choice is actually the 26' terry. We love the set up and think the size will be fine for us (daughter choice and approved as well).

So I have concerns. The first is the nights still get a little chilly here. Wondering how the utilities would differ in these campers. When asking other fulltime rv families, I was told they couldn't go smaller then the large campers they have with their families but we do a lot together with our daughter and they have small children. We are outdoors more than in and are having study with her 4 or 5 hours each day on schedule.

The roof for the 26' needs to be cleaned and re sealed. There are no leaks now but was apparently one some time ago-then repaired. The other is about the fifth wheel. It is a lite weight material and wondering if that has any impact on the use for full time or any wear that may be expedited for the use. the largest one is really nice but we were thinking to travel even for vacations until we leave to travel full time in a year or too and didn't want to pull a larger unit.

Any thoughts on that could help.

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