Chinook RV's

Chinook RV's

by Al Dixon
(PEI, Canada)

I live in Canada and am thinking of purchasing an RV. I particularly like the Chinook range but according to the Transport Canada list of permissible imports the Chinook is not listed (meaning it is not permissible) The thought had occurred to me that perhaps it is manufactured under another company name and Chinook is just the model listing. Does anyone know ? I can't find anything on the Internet.

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Sep 10, 2011
Which Chinook RVs are Class Cs
by: Paul Graham

Does anyone know which of the after 1997 Chinook RVs are eligible as class C in Canada?

The dealer adds are not consistent for the 21 footers or even the big deluxe units. I know the Glacier model must be importable to Canada but I'm interested in the Premiers and Concourse.

Apr 21, 2010
Chinook RV's
by: Al

Thanks Andy,

So, according to Transport Canada, I can Import any Trail Wagon Inc model RV from 1997 to 2005 Class C models only. All other models inadmissible. Thanks again for the info.


Apr 20, 2010
Divison of Trail Wagons Inc.
by: Andy & Bobbie Harley

I found they are a division of Trail Wagons Inc. here is a link.

Hope this helps,


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