Care Taker Suddenly Single

Care Taker Suddenly Single

by Debbie
(Dallas, Texas)

I have been a care taker for a long time, suddenly I can go do anything I want to do. Problem, I don't know what I want to do. lol
I have a camper that hasn't been used in 3 years, and a thousand trails membership. What advice can you give me about letting my son live in one house and renting another house out to a friend and just taking off for awhile? I am too young to just sit in this house and I retired early to take care of two family members and really don't want to go back to a "real" job. Flipping burgers at the campground on the weekends would be fine, but going back to plumbing full time isn't what I want to do.

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Jan 16, 2012
Join a single's group.
by: Rene'

My mother back in the 90's had a Class C motorhome and she was single. She joined a single's group that went everywhere. Everybody helped each other. They had a blast.

Dec 20, 2011
Care Taker Suddenly Single
by: happy harold

All sounds like it would work except the rental situation... I have had bad luck with renting to my kids and to friends. It just didn't work right, at least for me it didn't. If I were to rent my place, I would find a reliable real estate agent who works with rentals. They can sift thru the good and the bad and send your receipts of deposits into your account.

Just an idea,


Dec 20, 2011
Going it Alone
by: ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing

Wow. . .it's really hard to say what anyone else should do. . .but being fairly independent. . .if I find myself in your circumstances. . .I would probably downsize to a mid size Class C. . .I don't think I would be comfortable handling our big fifth wheel. . .and off I would go.

I may not do as many remote destinations as hubby and I do together. . .but I am an adventurer. . .so I think as long as you feel comfortable with everything, you should at least try it out. . .there's several TT parks fairly close to the Dallas are. . .should be good for a trial run!

Wishing you all the best on your journey,


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