Can we make it?

Can we make it?

by Martin
(Lake Ariel, Pa.)

We began camping/traveling some years ago and now that we are older would like to do it full time, but the big 'HOWEVER' is that we have only $1200 total to live on. (SS) Is that possible?

What's the best way? Motorhome or tagalong? Our house isn't worth much and selling it could be a big mistake if we took ill. (part way there now) We are very torn.

We have made fast friends in Alaska and would LOVE to move there part of the year. I suffer from both heat and cold problems. Doctors TOLD me not to join the military and then to retire a few years ago because of the 'disease' (yet unnamed) and that was after being a logger for 20+ years.. hummm.

If anyone out there knows a lot of cheap living tricks let me know. Daughter is still a newlywed and isn't ready for us to 'barge' in on her.

Not to repeat myself but our house is falling down and we need to know soon. We cannot afford to fix it and we cannot stay there forever.

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Apr 14, 2017
Extra Cash on the Road
by: Anonymous


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May 17, 2015
You can do it
by: Cindy

Yes, you can rv full time on a limited budget..we live on $800 mo, and have been full timers for almost 2 years now.

We stick to the S.W, lots of BLM land and rv parks that don't have a lot to offer but are inexpensive. Augie's Quail Trail RV park in Gila Bend Az is one...very peaceful, laundry, full hook-ups and only $250 mo. Plus tax and electric.

We've been here awhile.. friendly people, quiet park and only about 32 miles to the big City of Buckeye.

Oct 20, 2014
Full Timer
by: Nightmare

First I want to say I am not a full timer, I will be in Jan or Feb of 2015. The only hold up is the selling of our house and 8 acres.
I wish we were going to make enough profit to be of some help on the road, but that is not going to happen.

So we have decided to buy a used Diesel Pusher, I drove tractor/trailer for 22+ years, so I am used to this type of motor.
I have almost $1,200.00 a month retirement, and my wife does a lot of sewing.

We have read and studied up on this as much as possible, but still have 10,000 questions.

But the one that keeps coming up the most, is what does it cost to stay in a rv park, we are not wanting to stay in the most fancy, but would like to have at least full hook-ups. Also how is staying at state or federal parks? We feel like we would like to Boondock at times.

We plan on traveling the lower 48 as well as Alaska and Canada.

Any tips, hints, or thoughts?!1

Thanks, And YES that is my Name, my wife's name is Miriam, if you see or hear us on the road holler at us!

Feb 15, 2014
yes you can if you try
by: Anonymous

Everything can work you just have to have a budget to work with! and live by it.

I am disabled my disability is 1000 a budget is 800 a month and I am doing well , alot of boondocking and traveling up and down the east coast for the last 4 yrs.

I have a small class A with solar and a large freshwater system so I can go normally 2 weeks before I need to dump and refill....its a no frills lifestyle but there is so much to see and do for free that it doesn't require alot of money for me.

if your planning on pulling into a park everynite and doing alot of traveling, well no 1200 for 2 is gonna be a problem but it can be done your just going to have to change a bit on how you spend it and find a way to stretch it thru workamping and maybe fleamarkets to get by.

Dec 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

If you want to do it bad enough, you will make it work.

Oct 11, 2013
You can do it
by: Anonymous

As you get older you must find a place to park for good that your lot is reasonable. If you can work some now their are place to go that will cover your part and you can work.

Only buy a travel trailer or fifth wheel you don't want a 2nd motor cost to kept up, with ins. & repairs. I only have a limited income but I do have a place to live if I need too. But I love being on the road just would like a partner. Susan

May 27, 2013
Can anyone make it Fulltiming?
by: Gracie

I feel for your situation. Unfortunately for all of us in these difficult financial times with age and its accompanying challenges with health concerns, fulltime RVing may or may not be the answer to your dilemma.

How much it costs is a totally personal thing: your health costs now and projected, your amount of present debt with a stix/brix home that sounds like you wish to leave, whether you presently own your own unit, the cost of operating it and maintaining it, food, fuel, physical ability to travel and contingency plans in the worst-case scenario if you become incapacitated while on the road. Good Sams is a terrific resource there. NO, I DO NOT GIVE AN ENDORSEMENT, just a suggestion. My sister and her husband really swore by their insurance with GS when an emergency hit them.

I say this NOT to discourage you, but to say that ANYTHING is possible with realistic planning and an frugal, careful budgeting. None of us wants to be a burden to our families, but we need to make sure that all contingencies are considered.

Go to your local library and read. Talk to RVers who have done it. Read more blogs like this one. More and more Americans are learning the frugal lessons of our grand-and-great-grandparents!
I pray for you and wish you all the best in your quest! Follow your dreams!

May 27, 2013
how we do it
by: Spiritwomyn

My daughter and I live full time in our travel trailer. We pay a set fee a month. No first last or deposit. I have a cell phone from Straight talk and pay 45 a month for unlimited. I own the phone so no fees here.

We get full hook ups, plus free cable and wi fi. I pay for my car insurance, and I have storage right now. I also handle all food. We do ok with only 1114, a month. So campgrounds need temp work during the season which would cut that down as well. I also use a private mail service.

It is do able. I would go with a travel trailer or fifth wheel. If the engine goes on an RV you are homeless till its fixed. Not so with the other options. If you want a more house like experience there is always the park models.

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