Cab Over Camper

A cab over camper is an alternative option to purchasing an RV, pop-up, or towable travel trailer. These smaller, more efficient campers attach right onto your pickup truck, leaving you free to tow toys like quads or boats, and are cheaper to maintain. Made from reliable manufacturers, such as Bigfoot, Palomino, and Alaskan, cabover campers provide you with the standard conveniences of larger trailers but for half the price.

Choosing a Cabover Camper

You can decide on a truck camper in one of two ways: you can select the truck first, which is usually the case if you already own a pickup, or you can choose the camper first. When choosing a camper, it is beneficial to start with the basics, like deciding whether you want a hard side or a pop up. You should determine the amount of money you want to spend, the number of people you need to accommodate, and fuel efficiency before moving on to other details, such as floor plans and upgrades. It is important that you research manufacturers, their warranties, service and maintenance policies, and installation charges prior to making your final decision.

Image Courtesy of: Chazz Layne/Flicker

Bigfoot Campers

The Bigfoot camper is not only a durable, low maintenance option, but also it simplifies your life by only giving you two choices. The 1500 series is the lighter of the two models due to its fiberglass construction and special foam insulation. It comes in various floor plans to fit short or long truck beds, has three different interiors from which you can choose, and standard features that are of a high level of quality. When you buy a 1500 series cab over camper, you can expect:

  • Oak Cabinets
  • Bedside Storage
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Three Burner Cook Top
  • Stainless Steel Sink
  • Stereo
  • Bathroom Fan
  • Escape Hatch

The electrical, plumbing, and safety features of this camper are simple and comparable to other models of the same size and price range.

In addition to the 1500 series, Bigfoot also offers the 2500 series, which has extra insulation as well as more internal and external storage compartments. Offering the same features as the 1500 series, the Bigfoot 2500 also boasts a shower with winterizing valves, solar reflective windows, a fan, day and night shades, a larger bed, and a microwave. Upgrades, such as an air conditioner, rear view camera system, and a generator are available at the time of purchase.

A Big Change

At one point, I traded my car, which had quit working due to a timing chain issue, for a cabover camper. So then I had a 25' Winnebago class A motorhome and a 10' cabover camper.

Eventually I sold the motorhome and moved into the camper (saving insurance by not having to pay insurance on a truck and the motorhome). That was a big change, and I don't think I could have done it if we didn't also have a cargo trailer to haul our stuff around.

I would recommend that a truck camper is a great way to start RVing, but it probably won't take long for you to move on up to either a travel trailer or motorhome.

Palomino Camper

The Palomino cab over camper line consists of the Maverick and Bronco, both of which have hard sides, space, and comfortable accommodations. The Maverick is the roomier of the two campers, though from the outside it appears small. This particular model has a rubber roof, ladder, 45-amp converter, radio, CD and DVD player, six-gallon water heater plus an outside shower and an oven.

Palomino's Bronco camper is a lightweight, folding alternative to traditional models that is fuel-efficient and designed for back roads. The pop up roof, operated by a crank, increases the amount of living space and allows you to walk without having to slouch. This cab over camper shares some of the same features as the Maverick but also offers a patio light, port-a-potty storage, an icebox, overhead storage, pleated window shades, and a two-burner cook top.

You may also add options and select the size of your Palomino camper depending upon your truck and spacial needs.

A cab over camper is a good option if you want to take an affordable road trip but it is important to remember the basic maintenance and upkeep of the camper before departing. Although the camper has no engine, you should still check to make sure it is properly secure, the shocks are good, and the trucks tires have air. This quick check helps to ensure your safety, making your trip less stressful and more enjoyable.