Buy RV - Tips to Help You Choose

Before you buy RV for Full Time Rving there are some things you need to consider to narrow down your options. What type of RV will be right for you for the kind of RV lifestyle you want to create.

Making the Big Decision - Is it Time to Buy an RV?

Deciding to buy an RV and start your full-timing adventures can seem like a daunting decision and cause you a great deal of angst. The economy has been lagging and investments are depressed causing most of us to pull in the reins on major decisions and discretionary spending.

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You should realize that when you go from a weekend RVer to a full-timer your RV is no longer discretionary it's your home. Your RV will be the foundation of your new lifestyle and you'll want to choose based on your needs and plans. Life is too short to give up on your dreams and happiness in exchange for guilt and excuses. Making a sound decision to follow your dreams and take the plunge will undoubtedly be less nerve racking if you do your homework first and make your purchase decision based on your financial situation and plans for exploring new horizons.

Motorhome buying or buying used RV trailers (pull trailer or fifth-wheel) in some cases can be advantageous especially if you are mechanically inclined. There are some great deals on RVs that need only updating or minor repair.

Check out our "Buy RV" articles to help you with your decision:

  • New vs. Used
    You have made the decision to purchase an RV. You have done your homework, know all the features you want, the size, maybe even the model. Now, for the big question, do you purchase new, or do you go with a used RV?

  • Motor-Home vs. Fifth Wheel
    A motor home vs. fifth wheel which should you purchase for full-time Rving? There are many people who wonder about the facts when it comes to a motorhome vs fifth wheel showdown. You long to experience the excitement of the open road but you want a vehicle that will provide you with comfort, safety and convenience.

  • RV Reviews
    Read through the RV reviews and RV buying tips before you choose an RV for Full Time Rving. There are a lot of things you need to consider to narrow down your options and decide which RV will work best for you. All full time RVers' have their own unique lifestyle, so you'll want to do your research to determine what kind of an RV will be right for you and the RV lifestyle you want to create.

  • Full-Timers Insurance
    Not having the right RV travel insurance is a common occurrence. You don't want to find out too late that you are not sufficiently covered.

Adventure awaits you in the full time RVing lifestyle!