Best RV to live in full time

Best RV to live in full time

My husband and I will be living in a RV because his work has him traveling.

What would be the BEST RV to live in?

No motor home, and I want lots of space, big bedroom, and optional bedroom and optional table and chairs.

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May 29, 2013
Full time RVing
by: Donald McCall

I retired in 2006 at the age of 53. I immediately sold my home which was paid for, liqidated stuff and I lived on a Carver motor Yacht at a very nice Marina for 6 years. I then began searching for an RV worthy of a long term residence.

I decided on a 38 ft 5th wheel, three slides, custom paint and loaded with class, comfort and amenities. I have semi-permanently placed it in a really nice trailer park in a small tourist town in the Texas hill country. I am working again but, plan to retire permanently in a few years at which time I intend to purchase a One-ton truck and hit the road.

Moving from a boat to an RV was triple the space. I really enjoy my RV and my life style. I found that if you demand a classy 5th wheel to match your style of living a really nice one starts in the 70k and up. New ones can be a great deal if you purchase one when the new year models are coming in.

Dec 10, 2011
Choosing Your RV
by: Ted from Washington

OK, I will throw my hat into the ring. In my younger years I drove a Bus for Continental Trailways as a charter driver and believe me in my travels I have seen it all. The one thing I learned very early was a Bus is like a tank, nearly indestructible. There are a lot of copy cats out there, stating there built on a Bus Chassis. Let me state right hear and now! That's not a bus. A Bus is designed to carry human cargo as well as freight. Trust me, they are built to the most strict standards there is out there. There are some really nice buses out there already converted some factory converted for a steal. Of course the newer ones are very expensive but factory buses in the 80's or 90's are really cheap for what you get. The thing is those buses will still be running when those so called motorhomes are all finished up. Of course like all things they, must be maintained and kept up. My Bus is a 1990 Prevost XL and it has 91,000 miles on it and is good for a million miles easy. It looks like it just came off the showroom floor inside and out. The outside looks like a mirror, if something needs to be attended to or if something breaks, I fix it right away. that way things don't build up to a whole bunch of things and a whole bunch of money to pay out. Fix the little things as they come up and you won't be sorry. A Bus, if taken care of will run you as long as you will want a motorhome and look at the storage. Also I have never seen a bus that leaks. The drive lines, axles, engine and structure is far superior to anything else. Ok, I'll get off high horse. Just remember one thing. Everybody loves a bus!

Jan 29, 2010
Choosing an RV for Full Time RVing
by: Sharon

Welcome to the family of full time RVers. There is a freedom in this lifestyle that is envied by many who are chained to a more conventional lifestyle.

As for selecting your full time RVing coach that is a very personal decision. Your individual wants, needs, and budget should dictate your final decision.

Larger fifth-wheels are often the RV of choice for full-timing and snowbirds because there is a wide variety of floor plans, large storage areas and a host of residential type amenities that can make it perfect for long term living.

You want to choose quality construction that will withstand daily wear and tear.

Many full-timers also want a four-season coach designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Most full-timers want lots of cabinets in their RV, a larger queen or king size bed, stack-able washer dryers, and linen closets.

One of the most important features to many full-timers is floor space. You many feel more comfortable in an RV with slide-outs for that wide open feeling, rather selecting a smaller rig. But again, that is a personal decision. Some folks love the smaller RVs for full-timing because they are fully self contained and un-hooked, and park anywhere it's legal.

Look for amenities that are important to you, quality construction, good utilization of space, and insulated for year round use.

We have some additional information and selecting an RV that's right for you on this page.

Selecting an RV for Full Time RVing

If you're a full-timer, add your comments on why you selected your RV and how it's worked out for you.

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