Benefits of Mobile Internet for RV Travel with WiFi In Motion

Benefits of Mobile Internet for RV Travel with WiFi In Motion

by Gilly Brewster
(California, USA)

When it comes to RVing, camping and road tripping, “out in the middle of nowhere” isn’t a statement used frequently anymore. In fact, there’s no such thing as “the middle of nowhere” when you bring the one thing that keeps you connected with everything: WiFi In Motion. This technology turns your RV into a WiFi hotspot, allowing you high-speed internet access wherever you go.

Here’s a look at the top benefits of WiFi for RV use:

1. Stay in Touch

Working professionals, full-time students and other folks who have a hard time stepping away from the demands of daily life can hit the road without worrying about missing out on something important. With mobile internet for RV use, you can take advantage of your cell phone to access your own traveling hotspot, so you stay connected wherever you go.

An antenna, portable modem and optional signal booster is all you need to stay in touch with work or family while you’re traveling in your RV. Want to share the incredible wildlife photo you just snapped with your friends and family? Forgot to send a few emails from work? Interested in chronicling your travels on your blog? WiFi in Motion creates a pocket of wireless internet that travels with you, so you can take care of those little “to-dos” that normally aren’t possible while you’re miles from anywhere.

2. Use Your Own Reliable Hotspot

Accessing random WiFi connections can be annoying – they’re often slow, and it’s easy to lose the signal. WiFi for RV use, however, not only offers a quicker connection speed than whatever signal you might pick up, but it also covers the gaps between publicly available hotspots. The antenna on the WiFi In Motion package releases a wireless signal in a circular pocket that travels with you by using your cellular network as a backbone. Whizzing down the highway? Tented near the beach or in the woods? Mobile internet keeps you covered.

3. Stay Mobile and Safe

Wireless WiFi for RV use doesn’t come with any undesirable surprises. The compact, portable modem is easy to travel with and won’t take up much space in your rig, with no wires or cables to get in your way.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing your electronic devices are safe from hackers – which isn’t necessarily the case when you use a public hotspot. WiFi In Motion offers the same level of protection you’d get from a wired connection, with the ability to secure your own WiFi network through a selection of encryption options.

Plus, you’ll be taking advantage of the authentication process most wireless providers use before allowing your phone to connect to the internet. Keeping that in mind, you can enjoy a relaxing, worry-free vacation while enjoying all of the entertainment options mobile internet provides.

4. Easy Monthly Billing

SinglePoint Communications’ WiFi In Motion system provides a simple turnkey solution by also providing the wireless data, so there’s no need to involve a cellular carrier. SinglePoint allows customers the benefit of recurring monthly billing, preventing the hassle of sending in a check to a cell carrier or going to a store to pay a bill. SinglePoint also allows customers the ability to shut off their WiFi at no charge for up to six months in a year – a flexible option for the traveling RVer.

WiFi In Motion for RVs is a cost-effective, easy-to-set-up and secure way to connect to the internet. You can be anywhere and still have reliable wireless WiFi for your laptop or other electronic devices.

SinglePoint Communications offers innovative solutions for creating a mobile wifi hotspot in buses, trains, personal RVs, emergency response vehicles and more. We also offer an ever-growing suite of cutting-edge mobile wifi solutions that include LED displays, on-board cameras, and compact satellite connections, to name a few. With powerful, award-wining products, 24/7 support and smart, user-friendly software packages, the only question is: Where will you go today?

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