Battery Charging

Battery Charging

Will my deep cycle battery automatically recharge when I am connected to an external power source? Vehicle is a 1986 Toyota Mini Cruiser purchased second hand with no manual. Learning as I go.

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May 06, 2014
Keeping battery charged - Forest River Cardinal 5th Wheel
by: bill

I have a 2003 Cardinal 35 ft 5th wheel rv. Why can't the inverter keep the battery charged when plugged in to power?.

It seems it should have a voltage regulator for it.

Aug 23, 2011
Batter;y Conditioning & Charging
by: Steve Ward

Great Question and one that many RV'ers just don't understand.

Deep Cycle batteries typically found in Marine Applications cannot be charged or maintained by conventional chargers. Back in the era or your 1986, your charging system was not designed to maintain a Deep Cycle battery and will by design cut short its life.

You are better off maintaining your battery either by a newer trickle charging system available at most automotive stores but make sure it has a setting for Deep Cycle.

Also, the newer Battery Tender brand of trickle chargers is really the best bang for your buck. The unit is very reasonably priced, and is designed to work on your system.

Once at your home, simply plug your unit in and forget about it. Then when you are ready to go out, unplug and your battery will be fully charged and ready.

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