Are you able to suggest a travel trailer based upon needs?

Are you able to suggest a travel trailer based upon needs?

by Edward L. Adams
(Tuscon, AZ)

I am going to retire in three years and want to buy a lite travel trailer so I can get used to it. I want a trailer that can sleep two tall adults (separately), has head clearance for at least 72", has an inside shower, and can be towed to remote camp sites.

I've researched quite a bit online, but have found only a couple that might do: one is the 17' Burro.

Suggestions would be appreciated. When I retire, I intend to spend approximately 75% of my time on the road. Incidentally. you have a great website.


Edward L. Adams

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Apr 23, 2011
Have you decided?
by: Rick D

Curious, if you had decided on the recreational Vehicle for your travels yet? I just finished doing upgrade and aesthetic work to mine in a few days, in a campground I did exterior adjoining trim and trimmed out my cabinets in the Uhaul CT-13 and it looks like a new trailer!.. I am very happy in my 13ft fiberglass Egg!, last week I camped in a remote primitive campground where a "tent" camper ended up spending the night at my place to see how he felt about buying one himself because he was getting tired of the setup time at each site, a 13ft trailer will go practically anywhere a tent can be pitched and I haul it with a 02jeep wrangler so even better!. There is just no setup on arrival, other than unlocking the door!

I use it as a base camp when I put on my rucksack and head out in the woods for two and three day excursions. its nice to come back to base camp turn on the heat at night, cook a warm meal clean up and on to the next place!. Happy/Safe Travels!

Jan 02, 2011
Just Went Fiberglass TT Fulltime
by: Rick DuLac

I just went fulltime on my own with a 13ft U-Haul fiberglass hull trailer and I must say, I have never been happier. I couldn't find a burro and could not afford a Casita when I started but the 17ft Casita is a nice TT with all the amenities that you are looking for. I have had the "pleasure" of spending the fall/winter transition in the New York/Jersey area so I caught the wind, rain, freezing temps and a blizzard and the TT stayed warm inside with minimal heating my body temp and one meal cooked heated it for the night. The Casita also boasts a very nice ground clearance for going to those remote places.. I love my U-Haul egg for now.

Jan 02, 2011
Going Fiberglass
by: Glenda Laine

We're working on becoming full-timers in a 17' Casita Liberty Deluxe, pulled with a 1/2 ton Dodge pickup with a camper shell (for "stuff). We've had our Casita for 2 1/2 yrs & are still totally in love it. Unfortunately, the Casita doesn't have the headroom you need, but I'd absolutely recommend any of the molded fiberglass travel trailers (Casita, Scamp, Bigfoot, Escape, or Burro). The fiberglass trailers are lightweight, aerodynamic, easy to park & negotiate small roads, few chances of leaks & usually no wood to rot, & no delamination worries. They can have everything you need without dragging around a bunch of "space". The idea is to live "outside" of a small trailer but have all of the comforts you want when you have to stay inside. Good luck with you search. Check out the various on-line forums for the different brands of molded fiberglass trailers.

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