Are we brave enought to do it - Full Time Rving?

Are we brave enought to do it - Full Time Rving?

by Kay

We own an RV and have discussed rving full time. Getting tired of the everyday grind of a job. My husband is retired but I am still working. We would have to sell our home and would probably head south. At least for the winter. We currently enjoy traveling with our RV pulling a trailer that holds two harleys.

My concerns are over health insurance and would we be able to be full time and only have the bikes as transportation. I am not old enough for medicare so would have to have some health insurance and prescription coverage. I am a diabetic so this is a big concern for me.

I guess we could go with a 5th wheel toy hauler and a truck. But we really are prepared to take on a big debt when we first start this.

I would like to continue to work at least part time as I feel we would need the extra income.

Any suggestions.


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