Airstream Travel Trailers

The Classic RV Travel Trailer for Full Time Rving

Probably the most well known rv trailer, Airstream travel trailers have been around since 1931. Their familiar rounded design is known for improving fuel efficiency and a high level of quality & luxury. Airstream trailers make a classic, individual statement.

When towing the higher & heavier the trailer weight, means you will use more gasoline and therefore have a lower mpg.

airstream Travel Trailers
By Airstreamlover ( [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Some of the older Airstream models are:

  • Clipper (Since 1936)
  • Comet (Since 1959) ; 18 ft
    "Beautiful Color-Coordinated Interiors¬Ö.All-metal, all-aluminium airplane type construction"
  • Flying Cloud (Since 1954) ; 22 ft ; 2,870 lbs
  • Safari (Since 1955) ; 22 ft ; 2,525 lbs (1,145 kgs)
  • Sovereign (Since 1950s) ; 30 ft ; 4,100 lbs
    From the Airstream website "The king of them all an elegant, spacious, beautifully equipped land yacht. The very lightest, finest, most mobile thirty footer on the road, for those who demand no less than the best."
  • Bambi (Since 1961) ; 18 ft ; 2,250 lbs
  • Excella (Since 1973) ; 31 ft ; 4,691 lbs
  • Land Yacht (Since 1974) ; 28 ft ; 8,200 lbs (3,719 kgs)
  • Argosy (Since 1973) ; 20 to 28 ft ; 2,880 to 4,040 lbs

If you have any photos of the Airstream RV trailer share them here.

Airstream now also make motorhomes.

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Airstream Travel Trailers
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Airstream Travel Trailers

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