by Mary

I am considering full time in an RV. I am looking at my bank account statement -$17.00. I am temp. disabled, have tons of doctors bills, and whenever they decide to deposit my $$ (due to a paperwork screw up) I will have to use it all for bills accrued, gas and food and medical visits/meds. I am so upset.

Anyway, I have done good all my life, and I am trying to keep it together and fuse a back door plan. My home is worth nothing, and I had to go through a bankruptcy to save my son from a dangerous situation with his father. So we have no back up money. It is highly likely I will be on total disability (both specialists have "demanded" I try at least to file). So -- I can walk and drive. The rest of me is in great pain. I can't go to the hospital for needed operations.

I just need a place to call home and own. This "dream" I think is a possible one if I am put in the right direction. I have been superman for many, now it is my turn to take other younger hero's advice. First -- no, there is no one who has offered me any money to help. Please excuse my rant -- it has been a painful day and the bank receipt was the last straw.

The beginning of my RV dream would be the best way to start and put myself in a position where I could save a lot and avoid taxes, etc., so I can better myself via being on disability and trying to work a little job to raise what I can get. BTW I was one of those work 60 hour a week types -- so I really hate having to be this ill and on disability. Please don't see me as a person who is taking what she does not really need. Thanks for your advise.

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