Adventure, Ideal Climate and Landscapes, Making New Friends,

Adventure, Ideal Climate and Landscapes, Making New Friends,

by Gordon & Marlene Richards
(Home is where we park it! USA)

Wandering Homeless Seniors!!

When we started 10 years ago we both had a house, one in GA and one in OK. They were a pain when we went 'home'. By 2002, we sold both houses and really became full-timers and have not regretted it for a day. We spent 7 years volunteering at state parks in AZ, AK, GA, LA, ND and CO. Deciding we didn't have enough time 'to play' and added years we stopped volunteering. But the rewards of new friends and good memories make those 7 years special.

Full-timing enriches our life as we travel all 49 states. We have solar so we boondock most of the time. The lifestyle is less demanding and less expensive. Except for upkeep like that in a stick house, our main expenses are fuel and food. Clothes are fewer because weight is important. When we NEED to buy a new item of clothing, an old piece goes in the trash. With the internet and cell phones we stay connected to family and friends as well as doing banking and bill-paying online. A mail service sends our mail whenever we notify them to send it General Delivery to a town. We have found that getting mail at smaller post offices is more efficient.

Finally, full-timing allows us to choose the ideal climate all year. There's nowhere to live that has an ideal climate all year but now we don't sweat during the summer or freeze during the winter. By traveling to states like CO or AK in the summer and AZ in the winter, we can be comfortable all year

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Sep 23, 2009
Wi-Fi Internet and Volunteering
by: Gordon

From December 2000 to March 2007 we volunteered every winter at Picacho Peak State Park between Casa Grande, AZ and Tucson, AZ. Gordon worked with the rangers from 8-12 Tuesday-Saturdays.

They might cut shrubs, clean restrooms, pick up trash, or whatever needing doing around the park. I worked in the office at the same time; I answered the phone, checked in visitors either for day-use or camping, and whatever the ranger wanted me to do in the office. We had a great time and the rangers became our AZ kids and we still visit and keep in touch; a full hook-up site was provided for us.

Volunteering in AK, GA, LA, ND, and CO was similar except we both did things outside. Cleaning toilets or bathrooms is most always on the agenda. Gordon has painted picnic tables, cut up downed trees and many other activities. I mostly check on campers and pick up trash.

We only volunteered at state parks which seldom pay stipends but the federal parks systems I believe do so in addition to providing a campsite sometimes with propane. Some state and federal park systems concession their parks to companies like Thousand Trails which then hire workers. We don't like or do this. We had also heard good reports of this and some horror stories.

A friend of ours who had a Hughes data storm like ours did this several months ago and likes it better. Of course, it doesn't work if you don't have a cell phone signal like we did last week near Marble, CO. So I guess it depends on where you travel. They don't boon dock as much as we do.

I recently upgraded my Wi-Fi system in the fifth wheel to a Cradle point CTR350 router with USB port with a Verizon Broadband Modem

I am using Hughes Net with a tri-pod set up from Maxwell Satellite. I have used it since Mar 2005. The only place that we have not been able to set up the dish is in heavy tree area. We always look before we choose a site to see if the TV and Internet dishes will be able to get out. We have only stayed a couple of nights without Internet the last 4 years. There are 3
other people that sell a tri-pod set up. Cost from Maxwell Satellite was $1700 when we got it.

There is another option if money is no object which is the MotoSat which is around $5,000. This is total automatic and sets on the roof of your camper or motor home. Due to cost we went with the tri-pod set up.

Go to this link for additional information. There is a tab called Dealers which will give you people you can get more information from.

I chose Maxwell Satellite because I was in AZ at Picacho Peak State Park hosting and at the time they were in Casa Grande which was close by. I also wanted instructions on setting up the dish.

Sep 23, 2009
Volunteering and Datastorm for Rvers
by: Sharon

What a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us. I would really like to hear more about your volunteering. Where did you volunteer and what was it like?

Tell me about the Datastorm too. How does it work? Does it work everywhere?

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