Add second fuel tank

Add second fuel tank

by Don Roberts
(Minneapolis Minnesota)

Add a second fuel tank, 1995 Winnebago Spirit / E350 / 460 ??

I currently have a square-ish tank behind the rear excel, I think I can add a stock-ish Ford 35 gallon , long-skinny type, in front of the rear excel ?? Then I guess I need tank straps, another fuel pump, etc ??

Thanks for your help Don

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Oct 30, 2015
Second fuel tank solved
by: Don Roberts

I figured this out:
Adding Second Fuel Tank Don Roberts 10/30/2015
1995 Ford E350, Winnebago
Note: the tank we are adding is refereed to as the "mid ship" tank.
it is in front of the rear axel and left of the drive shaft.

Part: Part Number: Price

Fuel Tank ARBF670116 $126.06

Fuel Tank Straps ST 129 $ 27.71

Filler Neck (92-96) Dorman 577-901 $ 36.95

Fuel Pump (front) REPF314577 $ 82.44

Fuel pump connector BWD PT193 $ 9.99

Fuel Tank Selector Valve BWD FSV3 $ 72.99
selector valve plug BWD FSV3A $ 20.99

Tank Selector Switch BWD S51053 $ 51.99
selector switch plug BWD PT5693 $ 19.99

Fuel Filter
generic fuel line
fuel line hose clamps
small roll of automotive electrical wire
package of crimp connectors
maybe a few small bolts
zip ties

Aprox $480.00 for all parts

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