A Minimal RV Life Style

A Minimal RV Life Style

by Gail

My husband is semi retired and still works part-time. I have two part-time jobs, and will be losing both in the summer. I will return to one in the fall. With the economy the way it is now, we can barely afford our mortgage.

We decided to let our son take over our house (& payments) and we will move into our 35ft fifth wheel parked on the extra lot next door. I have been reading anything I can get on the internet to prepare for this more minimal life style. I think I'm ready, but of course have doubts occassionally. We plan on living full time in the rv for a year or more to lower our living expenses, so that when I am retirement age, we can spend our "snowbird" winters in Baja where we own a little casita near the coast.

I will keep you posted on how it is going. We are probably making the move at the end of June. We have 22 years of living in this house that we have to dispose of. Luckily my son is interested in the family heirlooms, antiques and such. It will still, no doubt, be a daunting job.

I will keep you posted on our progress. It seems that there are not too many out there that are planning to move into a rv and keep it stationary. But someone out there must be. Yes?

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Apr 30, 2011
I Wish You the Best
by: Amy in Florida

My husband & I are losing out home of 20y ears due some really bad financial decisions & health issues. ...After a lot of sleepless nights and panic, I realized...home is where the heart is. As long as I have my husband and wonderful pets...I really don't mind were we live. We were just blessed with a 34 (or 32) foot 5th Wheel Camper...it is a little older, but the price was good, and we hope by living in this RV for a while, we can repair our finances.

I am looking forward to doing some cleaning, remodeling & making it our home (for a while)...I think this is a great option....but I will have a little difficulty sizing down 30 years accumulation a massive amount of STUFF!!!

Every day is a blessing...don't worry, be happy!

May 24, 2009
Good Luck - you won't regret it!
by: Roxanne

Good luck Gail! Going through and getting rid of 20+ years of memories, life and stuff is a daunting task! I just went through it myself in preparation for moving out or our house and into a 34ft fifth wheel. You can do it and you will be amazed at liberating it feels when you are done. Best wishes!

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