Travel Alaska in Your RV

Travel Alaska in your RV and you'll discover it's a wonderful way to experience the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness while discovering a wide variety of wildlife and stunning scenery along the way.

Alaska Highway Dawson Creek BC

When planning your Alaska trips you'll find many roads lead to scenic areas where you can go hiking, kayaking, and fishing. Some ice blue glaciers can be seen from the highway. You can actually walk on a few of them. You can often see spectacular snow covered mountains when you travel Alaska in an RV.

Kayaking Alaska

You'll also see many museums across Alaska such as Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage or the Dog Mushing Museum in Fairbanks. Grizzly bears, caribou, and moose might cross your path on the highway. Always be careful not to get to close to any animals because they could be dangerous including moose.

Alaska Grizzly Bear

Most of the highly traveled roads in Alaska are paved and sharp turns and narrow lanes have been improved so it's easier to travel Alaska in an RV. There are still some highways that are gravel. The Alaskan highway begins in Dawson Creek and goes northwesterly though the area of Canada's Yukon. You can then go into the main part of Alaska.

Alaska Mendenhall Glacier

There is beautiful scenery all along the highway in Yukon. You find more scenic routes if you drive south of Anchorage and go around the curve toward the west you'll find Kenai Peninsula. A highway that's best to avoid while you're traveling in Alaska is the Dalton highway. It's located 85 miles north of Fairbanks and is a very bumpy road for driving on.

Alaska Shore At Tangle Lake Denali National Park

A popular attraction you may not want to miss when you travel through Alaska in your RV is Denali National Park. This park has six-million acres of wilderness where you'll see bear cups playing, foxes running, swans on beautiful lakes and wolf pups romping. There's the tallest mountain in North America called Mt. McKinley. On the high ridges of the mountains is where Dall sheep lives. In the evening, the hills of Denali Park are filled with vibrant sunset colors such as orange, yellow, pink, and purple. You can ride a bus and take a wilderness trail tour where there's lots of prime wildlife habitat. Denali National Park is 237 miles north of Anchorage or 125 miles south of Fairbanks. A full service RV park called Denali Rainbow Village is only 1 mile north of the Denali Park entrance.

Alaska Wildflowers at Mendenhall Glacier

Early September is a good time to travel Alaska in your RV. June through August are months where RV traveling is at its peak but traffic is very heavy during this time. One of the greatest benefits when you travel Alaska in an RV is you don't have to worry about finding a campsite unless the area where you want to park has a sign that states private or no trespassing.

Alaska RV Parking

If you prefer to stop at a campground, you can find tent and RV/motor home campgrounds all along Alaskan highways. Many of these campgrounds are suited for RVs and have electric and water hookups.

Fishing in Alaska

Alaska vacations are fantastic, but check Alaska Tourism before making travel plans, so you'll know exactly where you want to go and the all attractions you want to see.

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