South Dakota Travel

South Dakota Travel! Take your time to RV South Dakota, you'll find that there is no shortage of places for you to go and things for you to do.

Whether you are interested in urban night life and lots of entertainment or you want to go marvel at the beauties of nature, you'll discover that South Dakota has it all.

Consider what your options are going to be when you want to travel to South Dakota and make sure that you don't miss out on the sights that this state has to offer.

Fun and Strange
If you are someone who loves things that are a bit out of kilter or that are simply unexplainable, consider visiting the Cosmos Mystery Area. At this tourist attraction, you'll be able to see water that defies gravity and balls that are tossed up in the air that veer off course. You can see a chair balance on very little at all, and the entire experience is not to be missed if you are interested in something that will keep you guessing no matter what you really believe.

Sylvan Lake Black Hills South Dakota

Sylvan Lake South Dakota Travel Destination

When you take a look at what South Dakota travel has to offer, you will find that this state has a lot to recommend it in the way of sculpture. Consider the Porter Sculpture Park as a great example. Wayne Porter decided to create giant metal sculptures for interstate motorists and there are plenty of amazing things to see and here. Check out the giant yellow hand sticking right out of the ground and the sixty foot tall Egyptian cow head, which is easily visible from the interstate. This is can be an eerie and altogether enjoyable experience, but it is far from the only one that you might find interesting.

The Petrified Wood Park was created in the thirties by men who scavenged rocks and fossils from the area and used them to build up some amazing structures. You can see a castle, a waterfall, a wishing well, and lots of pile sculptures. These pieces of outdoor art are all made off petrified wood, and it remains the largest petrified wood park of its kind. Keep an eye out for the hundred or so twenty foot tall conical sculptures that resemble nothing more than a forest of petrified trees.

Badlands South Dakota

The Badlands South Dakota Travel and Tourism

National Parks
One thing that you cannot say that South Dakota lacks is scenic places to stop and go camping. This state has a great deal to recommend it when you are looking to get away from it all, and you can start your search with the Badlands National Park. This is a beautiful landscape that contains fossils attesting to the 35 million year history of the area. This park also includes the largest protected mixed grass prairie in the country. Similarly, check out the Jewel Cave National Monument, which contains what is popular recognized as the third longest cave in the world. If you are someone who loves exploring underground, this might be the place for you to consider.

Custer State Park Buffalo in Camp

Custer State Park South Dakota Travel and RV Parks

Also consider what your options are going to be if you want to take a look at the Missouri National Recreational River, which flows into South Dakota and Nebraska. This river makes for prime territory if you want to go fishing and boating, and there are many different things that you can do when you want to make sure that you don't miss out on any scenic landscapes. This can be a great place to go hiking or camping as well.

Never let it be said that South Dakota is going to be boring for you. When you are interested in having some urban fun in the winter, consider heading to Deadwood's Mardi Gras celebration. You can check out the night time parade, the crowing of the Mardi Gras King and Queen and lots more. Similarly, Deadwood also offers a great St. Patrick's Day celebration that includes and Irish pub crawl, Irish music and a great parade.

Are you someone who loves outdoor and rural activities? If so, it is time for you to take a look at the Sioux Empire Farm Show, where the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce hosts one of the most well known and well attended farm shows in the Midwest. There's lots to see and do and participants come in from fifteen states. If you want to head to Black Hills area, make sure that you check out the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo Show in Rapid City.

Also consider heading to Custer for the 4th of July Old time Country Fair. You can head to this event to check out everything from arts and crafts to antiques to living history characters and lost art demonstrations. When you want to have some fun with the family, this is one of the best things that you can take them to.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Mount Rushmore RV TravelHead to the Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota travel and take a look a the Mount Rushmore National Monument. From the side of the mountains, you can see the colossal heads of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt. Sculpted with care by Gutzon Borglum, these faces are part of our American culture and during the summer evenings, you can travel to the monument for the lighting ceremony.

What do you want to do when you RV South Dakota? Whether you want to go for a hike in pristine natural surroundings or you want to make sure that you can get in on the fun of the events held in Deadwood for your South Dakota travel, you will never be bored.

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