RV Solar Electric Options

RV solar electric can be the solution to your RV power problems. Solar panels for RV: Solar power is by far the Earth's most available energy source, and can easily provide for the energy demand in your RV.

There are several types of panels you should know about before deciding on which option is best for your electrical needs.

RV Solar Electric

Amorphous panels are generally cheaper, but are also less efficient than other types of panels. They will produce electric to charge your batteries though.

You select the number of panel’s dependent on how much power that you’re trying to generate. Polycrystalline is the most common solar panel. Polycrystalline are composed of many crystallizes of varying size and orientation.

These silicon panels are very efficient at collecting the energy from the sun to convert to electrically power. Mono-crystalline is a single defect free crystal and is very efficient at providing solar energy, but they also can be very expensive. Figuring out how much power your RV needs can be confusing.

There are charts listing different appliances and the power it requires to run them. These estimates are just that though - estimates. When using these charts you estimate how much power your electrical appliances in your RV use with wattage charts, and based on how much sun you expect your panels to be exposed to.

Probably the most logical approach is to start with an RV solar power kits and add more panels if your power needs require more electric. Most RVs never need more than 400 watts of power daily for all their electrical needs. Unless you are trying to run an air conditioner non-stop you can probably use this as an estimate, and determine if your usage is typical or excessive.

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