Having an RV Solar Charger is Critical

An RV solar charger will give you the freedom to boon dock without relying on power hookups. Having a power source in remote locations can be critical. You don't want your cell phone battery to run out. What if you had a snake bite while hiking! You need to keep those RV batteries charged. Using the sun to replenish your battery charge is a smart and economical way to ensure you won't run out of power for emergencies.

RV Solar Electric Even deep cycle batteries need occasional recharging. This is true especially if you are using them over extended periods of dry camping. Using a solar charger to produce electric requires no maintenance, and minimal setup. The sun is absorbed by the silicon cells on the solar panels and converts it into usable energy in via your batteries.

You can mount solar panels on the roof of your RV. Some models can be tilted to face the sun. Roof mounted solar panels must be laid flat and secured before traveling. Freestanding models should be moved where they will face the sunlight. There are also (do-it-yourself) DIY solar power kits available. They are easy to assemble RV solar power kits that can be stored away for traveling.

There are several different kinds of solar panels available. Some are more efficient than others, and some cheaper depending on which way you want to go and how much power you need to generate.

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