Using an RV Solar Battery Charger

Having an RV solar battery charger in your RV can ensure that you never run out of power.

If you drain the batteries below 20% often enough it will shorten the batteries life significantly. Although deep cycle batteries can last twice as long as an starting lighting and ignition battery (SLI) it's still better to recharge them to ensure their longer life. For boon docking, a solar battery chargers are a great way to continuously recharge your RV batteries using solar power.

The cost of these chargers will be much less than replacing your batteries or risking running out of power. Imagine running out of battery power before you can put your slides in. Yikes!

There are quite a few options available and you'll want to shop around before deciding on which one will fit your particular needs. Sunforce solar sells many different RV solar charger products. There are foldable solar panels, ones to mount on top or you’re RV, and others that are free standing yet easily collapsible for traveling.

More Tips for Using an RV Solar Battery Charger