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Everything turning Black, mold ? - Holiday Rambler 
We live full time in our RV recently I noticed that most everything in my home is turning black. I don't smell anything like the propane. PLEASE …

RV Tire Minders  
Do you recommend the tire minder product? Do they get stolen?

Broken water valve in shower - 2013 Monaco Diplomat 
We just bought a 2013 Monaco Diplomat. Went on a shakedown trip and the shower would not turn to the cold water. We assume there is something wrong with …

Making valuables safe (Class C, full time again!) 
Hi all! I've done full-time RVing before--even as a workcamper a couple of times (LOVE it!), but I've either never had any valuables, or kept valuables …

2000 Tradewinds diesel no wipers 
2000 Tradewinds 37' diesel lost wipers, heater, ac, furnace, alarm, gen block heat map lights nearly all 12v accessories. Motor still starts and runs. …

2000 Tradewinds 7373 300 turbo diesel stalls while driving 
Thought we ran out of fuel until we filled the tank and same issue. While cruising at 60-65 mph the engine stalls. When I open the hatch, i have narrowed …

Weather noises in my fifth wheel anybody? Jayco Eagle 2011 
So I'm a newbie full-time in a fifth wheel in Illinois. This is my first one in. Fifth wheel as well as first winter. I am in a campground and we are having …

Can't get my hydraulic jacks down - 1999 National Dolphin 5350 
I'm not sure why my jacks won't go down. Every time I push the button my interior lights go out.

No power 
We just moved to a different campsite, we have Thor Ace Motorhome and plugged in to their electric and we have no power in the rv. What can we try ? …

Installing water filters: before or after freshwater holding tank? 
I am getting ready to install a sediment filter and a carbon filter in my Dodge Falcon. Should I install them before or after the freshwater holding tank? …

Water pump location on 2001 National tradewinds rv 
Where is the water pump location in a 2001 National Tradewinds 39 ft motorhome?

Panel lights - 2005 Winnebago Journey 
Dash/instrument panel lights will NOT shut off. Also left low beam headlight flashes. Anyone know a cause for this?

2001 minnie Winnie will not start  
Had it stored. Started run it about 20 miles got gas and would not start .

Anyone know where I can still purchase an original Travasak sleep system? Tried Amazon, Ebay no luck the knock offs I am not fond off thank you

Cleaning side lights on a 2003 Tiffin Allegro bus 
We are cleaning side lights on a 2003 Tiffin Allegro bus and trying to find how to take the cover off? How hard is it to remove the cover on the side …

2000 National RV Sea Breeze Toilet Clogging 
The toilet on our 30ft National RV Sea Breeze always seems to clog. I believe part of the problem is the design in general. The toilet is on the right …

Swivel the passenger seat 1999 Georgie Boy Class A Cruise Master 
How does one swivel the passenger and driver seats 180 degree ? Where is the lever to be found ?

Bank loan 2008 Cherokee 
When I was shopping for a new rv the dealers told me the banks won't finance full time rvers anymore. Anyone else run into that problem? I understand …

Beeping - Coachmen, Destiny, 1995 
When we start the RV there is a beeping sound in the drivers dash area. After a little bit it usually stops. It won't stop beeping. No apparent light …

Why does my breaker keep flipping on our 2001 Georgia Boy Landau  
Our air conditioner will run sometimes all day and not flip the breaker. Then There is times it will flip the breaker every 10 to 15 mins. Sometimes …

Towing with Mercedes sprinter motorhome 
We're looking at the Mercedes Sprinter class C motorhome with a 5000 Lbs. hitch. We want to pull a 16 foot enclosed trailer that weighs 2,500 lbs loaded …

Alfa See Ya 2004 Leveling Jacks 
All jacks worked perfectly to level the coach in setting up. After our weekend stay, the power on indicator does not light but it did not come on but …

Lighted grab handles in my 2006 Fleetwood Excursion 
Where is the switch located to turn on my lighted grab handles in my 2006 Fleetwood Excursion motor home ?

Grey water sending units on a 2014 Jayco Seneca FK 
I want to change the tank monitoring system out to a Seelevel system on my Jayco Seneca (stock system not very accurate), but I can't find the sending …

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Electric water heater switch on 1996 National Dolphin RV motorhome 
Where is the switch for the electric water heater in the 1996 National Dolphin RV motorhome ?

Driving classes for an RV 
I am in Washington State. We need driving lessons for our Ram 3500 and 34 ft 5th wheel. We had a small but expensive booboo in the first 5 miles. He …

What size generator is needed for a 2009 Backpack Fleetwood 21ft trailer 
I bought a 4000 watt generator from harbor freight and every time we turn on the water heater the circuit beaker trips???? We don't need it on a 2 day …

Battery 2004 Glendale Titanium 33R 
When I Bought The Trailer Used A Month Ago , The New Battery Was Dead. I Charged It Only To Find A Large Spark When Hooking Up Terminals. The Drain …

Is there a fuse block or second breaker box in 1996 Carri Lite 26" RV 
No power to exterior and a kitchen outlet. Sudden problem. Looking for wiring diagrams or breaker box other than under the fridge, fuses?

Seattle to Alaska 
What would be the best route to take from Seattle to Alaska? Has any one gone this way?

Solar and batteries - 2011 Chev Crew hd 2016 Arctic Fox 5th Wheel 
Solar and batteries - We have a 2011 Chev Crew hd 2016 Arctic Fox 5th Wheel, new at this full time rving. Have 4x6v Trojan 105s and 3x 140 solar panels …

Best quality 5ers 
I'd like your opinion who makes the best quality 5th wheels for full timing in the $80k range?

2011 Entegra Anthem speakers 
How do I get all my ceiling speakers to play through my dash radio. Right now all I get are the ones above the driver and passenger seat. Thanks for your …

Electrical issue - Fleetwood / Discovery / 2004 
This morning I had to change a blown glass 20 amp fuse in the compartment that houses inverter, shore cord, I hit metal and it made a spark and now the …

2015 Cardinal 3825FL - TV and Cable Internet causing interference with each other 
Has anyone experienced problems with their internet router causing interference with the tv's in the camper whenever the Internet is used? We are also …

My battery is going slowly dead  
After three months on shore power this winter, I put the fiver up. After 8 days, the battery is almost dead. No drain that I can tell other than detectors. …

Water leak on 2004 Keystone Montana fifth wheel 
When the washer spins out water, it is not leaking anywhere inside but it leaks underneath?

Hydraulic reservoir location 
Where is the hydraulic reservoir located on 2004 Itasca Meridian motorhome and how is it accessed to check fluid level?

2007 NewHorizons Summit 34' Manuals for newbie 
Newbie getting ready to move RV to location with city water and sewer. Any vehicle specific info much appreciated as is any input. Need diagrams or sources …

Mildew smell 
How to clean/rid mildew smell from furnace of Monaco diplomat 2001?

Leveling jacks - 2001 Geogie Boy pursuit  
I had a jack that was leaking so I fixed it and let them down. One time they all went down but the front passenger side and when I got the ones up that …

Hot water 1999 Monaco Diplomat 
hot water comes out at a good pressure than starts going down. This is happening at all fixtures. cold water is ok.

Front door light button - 2011 Keystone 5th Wheel 3150RL 
There is a button on the front door on the hinge side. I am told your interior lights are supposed to come up when the door is opened and the button is …

Fleetwood Fiesta 2002 water line leak 
I have a water line leak under the kitchen sink. My question is how do you access this line without removing the sink cabinet?? Any help would be greatly …

Ladder Mounting a Winegard Carryout (Older Version) 
I purchased a Winegard Carryout Sattelite three years ago. It is what Winegard came out with about six years ago. I want to consider ladder mounting it …

How to remove TV from wall - 2008 Fleetwood Terra lx 
How do you remove forward TV from wall? We want to remove tv from front cabinet it's enclosed how do you get in it ?

2006 Keystone Montana - electrical outlet troubleshoot 
We got a 2006 keystone Montana a week ago. Starting having problems with it not holding a charge ect. We changed the battery and then the power converter …

Faucet access - Jayco Designer 2006 
How do I get to the back of shower faucets?

Manual for a 2003 36' Newmar 5th wheel rv 
We bought a 2003 36'Newmar 5th wheel. However we need a manual for this model. How may we obtain one??

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Direct Sat Dish-roof mounted won't fold up 
Our Direct Sat Dish located on the roof of our 5th wheel is stuck in an upright position and will not go through its process to fold up. Help!

2001 Winnebago Adventurer 37g electrical  
The auxiliary batteries for the coach stop charging while driving, they end up draining completely . If you start the generator before the batteries …

SOS.........Ucked fup 1998 Georgie Boy Pursuit 
My husband and I started full time rving in August 2015. We blew an inside rear passenger side tire yesterday and it ripped a whole bunch of wires out …

Grey water tank drains slowly on Fleetwood Discovery 37V 1999 
The grey water tank drains very slowly. I have replaced the vent check valves under the kitchen and bathroom sink. Vent cap is attached to roof and I …

Selling house to RV full-time 
Not a problem...thinking of selling home and going full-time in RV any tips?

Lights staying on - 2014 DRV Mobile Suites fifth wheel 36 foot 
We have a left turn signal and side light staying on after unit is disconnected and in rv park, any ideas what the cause is ?

RV Power Outlets 
Power outlets in equipment cabinet in National Seabreeze XL 2004 aren't working?

Re-register vehicles and drivers license 
How do we re-register our vehicles and drivers' licenses?

Schematic plan for fuses 
I have a 2003 Fleetwood Revolution. I lost the cover for the fuses (located from outside), under driver seat location. This cover had a schematic for …

Bay doors slide won't close - 2000 Fleetwood Discovery 
My bay doors slide and will not close?

Fan in bedroom constantly running 2007 Fleetwood Fiesta 32s 
I have a small vent/fan by the floor of my RV in the bedroom that constantly sounds like it is running. The furnace and AC are off but this is making noise …

Ice maker shut off valve - 1998 Alfa Gold  
The valve is open, and the water is constantly running out of the camper...can't find the shut off valve for the ice maker as it seems to be coming from …

Cloudy plastic on front headlights [Georgie Boy Landau 2003] 
My RV has front headlights with cloudy plastic covers. Can one buy replacement clip on covers and which website should I use? Or is the only option is …

Jacks will not lower - 2003 Winnebago Chieftain 
Jacks will not lower on 2003 Winnebago Chieftain, even though I hear a click when the lowering button is activated. We have a HWH hydraulic system. …

Heater pilot light - 2005 Fleetwood Wilderness fifth wheel 
My electronic pilot lite on my heater will not stay lit. i have air flow through vents. my top range works, all burners light and stay on.

Ram 1500 towing capacity 
I just purchased a brand new Ram 1500 and found out the towing capacity is only 6,790 lbs!!! We are new to RVing and I am looking for a new and/or used …

1997 Monaco signal lights and 4 way flashers not working 
1997 Monaco signal lights and 4 way flashers not working?

Holding tanks in winter 
Holding tanks in winter, leave open or closed?

Bathroom heating blowing cold - American Eagle 2014 
Rear gas heating in bath is blowing cold. The front furnace is working fine. Any thoughts? It has worked before.

Insurance (RV & Contents) - 2010 Keystone Fuzion 5th Wheel 
We are selling our home and planning on RVing full time. In recent discussion with our auto insurance carrier, insurance coverage for our 5th wheel trailer …

Manually retract outdoor tv 2010 Holiday Rambler navigator 
Outside tv will not retract, how do you manually retract outdoor tv 2010 holiday rambler navigator?

windows winter moisture 
A lot of moisture on windows during cold nights, how to get rid of or fix?

Starting out...expenses 
We are buying our first RV. We are retired and want to travel about 6 months out of the year. I am wondering about expenses. We would like to find …

Where is furnace located - Alfa Gold 5th wheel 
Where is the furnace located in a 1990 alfa gold 5th wheel?

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How to replace fresh water inlet hose? - 2005 Wilderness advantage fifth wheel trailer 
How do you replace the fresh water inlet hose. the hose has cracked at the tank. the hose appears to be molded on the neck. Also how do you remove …

Volume in LP tanks not dropping evenly - Forest River Wildcat 
I purchased a 2004 Forest River Wildcat 5th wheel, and we have been living in it for about 3 months. There is no reliable propane gauge in the trailer …

Toilet in 2004 allegro bus doesn't work all the time 
My toilet works intermittently. Sometimes only the button that adds water works and not the flush button. Then it will start working again on its own. …

Light over kitchen sink in 2004 Allegro bus not working 
Light just stopped working. Tried replacing bulbs but that didn't help. All circuit breakers seem to be ok.

91 Toyo Mini Winnie Warrior 
Need help fast, RV shop is starting to work on an issue with sinking of roof at AC unit and I need to hear what else can be done besides what they are …

Can't find fuse box ? 1990 Carriage Brougham 
Can't find the fuse box for the 12 volt on my 1990 Carriage Brougham ?

Bedroom slide stuck? 1996 ALFA SEE YA 
Bedroom slide stuck in, will not go out at all?

Studs metal or wood? 2002 Fleetwood Terra 26 ft Class A RV 
I would like to know if the studs in my 2002 Fleetwood Terra class A rv are metal or wood?

No electrical power to living room and kitchen - 2007 montana 3000rk fith wheel 
The power to the kitchen and living room wont work. I have changed the breaker out and the gfi outlet but still no power?

Heater issues - 1997 5th wheel 38ft Cardinal by Forest River 
I need some help with my furnace. When I turn on my heater it blows cold air. Do I need to light the furnace or does it light itself? I don't even know …

Generator start? 2001 Fleetwood Revolution 
How do I start up the generator?

Can't find slide out switch? 1994 Allegro Bay RV 34" 
I can't locate slide out switch. Where is it? 1994 Allegro bay Rv 34'?

Front end Sag Fleetwood Terra 2005 RV 
Front end is sagging on my Fleetwood Terra 2005 RV. I have the airbags inside to coil springs but still doesn't help .

Alfa Sun 2004 kitchen water pipe, no water? 
Our bathroom water pipes are fine but the kitchen is not working. No water?

Converter location? 2008 DRV Mobile Suites TK3 
Where is the converter located?

Under bed storage 2014 Itasca Meridian 34B 
Has anyone figured out how to raise the bed platform and use the space for storage.

2005 Winnebago Journey step cover 
The step cover on the passenger side will not extend. I can hear it moving back and forth but it will not extend. Is sounds like something is stuck in …

Step retraction 
Steps on coach will not retract.

Fleetwood/Expedition/2016 - Fridge water shut off? 
Where is the water shut off valve to the refrigerator's ice maker located? The refrigerator is a residential size refrigerator.

Berm slide leaks water on 2012 3000rk Keystone Montana 
Found water is dripping at left side by the shower / at left side of closet. Has anyone had this problem on the Montana slide out?

How do you travel? 
We live in AL and have been part timers since purchasing a 27' TT in 2007. Traded for a new 2011 Keystone Montana in 2012. Model 3150RL. Love it! We …

Where is the fuse panel Fleetwood Discovery 
Where is the fuse panel for a Fleetwood Discovery rv? The passenger power seat does not work.

Wall moisture - 2004 Sandpiper 31' 5th Wheel 
We have just bought trailer. The wall covering is turning loose from wall due to moisture. Ideas for fix?

Electric to only the front half of 1997 Fleetwood Prowler 5th wheel 
Only have 110 electric to the electric outlets on the front half of my 5th wheel. What would cause this and also can't find the fuse or breaker box …

2008 Surveyor by Forest River placement of jacks for winter storage 
Where do u place the jacks underneath for winter storage ?

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Replacing floor covering - 1999 Winnebago Brave no slides 
We want to take out the Jack knife sofa, remove carpet and put down rubber type tile what do I half to do to prep floor under carpet also the sofa and …

Flat towing Honda Odyssey 
Can a 2014 Honda Odyssey be flat towed? I have flat towed a 2004 and a 2007 Odyssey with no problems at all.

2003 Kountry Star-- How to unclog the toilet 
I am hooked up to a septic system and empty when light is about on 4 but last time I emptied I kept getting one light after about 4 days and now it is …

Changing keyless entry code for 2005 Monaco Camelot 
Unable to change the keyless entry code. We followed the manual and it says to hold the switch down and you should hear a set of rapid beeps. We held …

Komfort 5th wheel. No hot water to kitchen 
Where do I hook city water to. I have hot water in shower but not kitchen. Could I have hose hooked up to wrong place?

Looking for a fifth wheel with with a back door 
This question is about what I am looking for rather than what I have. I have seen a fifth wheel with a back door as well as front. (Excel limited edition …

Location of hot water heater switch, 2006 Fleetwood Revolution 40le 
Location of hot water heater switch, 2006 Fleetwood Revolution 40le. Looking for the on/off switch for the water heater ?

Where to buy an "arctic package" for Forest River Salem Le trailer? 
Need an arctic package for my Salem trailer. Where can I buy this, and about how much does it run? My e-mail is THNCHUNK at yahoo.com

No city water, 2003 Journey 
Blowing out frig , water line with air, after that I was unable to get water from city water connection , it came and went ?

Add second fuel tank 
Add a second fuel tank, 1995 Winnebago Spirit / E350 / 460 ?? I currently have a square-ish tank behind the rear excel, I think I can add a stock-ish …

2004 Monaco diplomat 12 volt system not working 
House battery switch broken and replaced still won't get dock power to connect.

2011 Montana 5th Wheel. Instrument panel shows Gray 2 and Gray 1 
I want to know how to identify which one is Gray 2 and which one is Gray 1 for the holding tanks. Is Gray 2 the kitchen and Gray 1 the bedroom?

Going to buy my first rv and going crazy 
I am not so naïve to expect a definitive answer but I have been searching for days for some sort of consumer report on Class C RVs... I know the floor …

Any Class C Motor homes under 21 total feet long? 
Is there any class C motor homes under 21 ft long being manufactured? I need to be able to park in a regular parking space or metered parking on the street. …

Toilet in a 1996 Chevy flyer hd 
Just purchased this. Want to know how to flush it?

Sun shade on passenger window will not retract upwards 
My rv sun shade was pulled down as usual but maybe a bit too far down because now it will not retract upwards. Model is Forest River Georgetown 377 sleep …

Two Antique Rv Trailers Culpeper Virginia 
For Sale...Vintage Rv Trailers...40 To 60 Years Old...Steel...No Dents...No Rust...Much Paint… Wheels And Axles Intact…Fuel Tanks Included…One 30 Feet …

Turn signal relay - 1998 Ford Gulfstream Super duty 
I'm having some trouble with my turn signals; I wanted to replace the relay which I think is mounted to (not in) the fuse box. I need to know how to …

Emergency flasher switch? - 2001 34n Fleetwood Expedition 
2001 34n Fleetwood Expedition where is emergency flasher switch and how do i realign outside compartment door? Also second outside compartment door 21/2 …

Kitchen water 
We are using garden hose for our water supply, maybe hooked up wrong? We have hot water in shower but not in kitchen.

Air conditioning will not start ? 2002 Alfa See Ya RV 
Hi Cannot start the ac in this rv. It is plugged into my house current. Cannot locate any problems. It is the 27,000 btu basement unit.

4 season RV? Fleetwood Expedition 2015 
Is the Fleetwood Expedition 2015 385k a four seasons vehicle?

Washer problem, 2002 Fleetwood Discovery 
Our Splendide combo washer keeps filling up even when it's off. Is this something I can fix myself?

Removing large sleeper couch - 36 ft Fleetwood Discovery 2000 
I need to know how to remove the large sleeper couch so I can replace with two recliner chairs. It is bolted to the slide floor but appears to be too …

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Toilet won't flush - 2011 Allegro Open Road 
The toilet won't flush. When depressing the foot lever the flapper will not open.

TV not working - 2002 National Seabreeze 
Can't get tv and satellite to work in our used rv. Was working, but now stopped... Does it run on battery, need inverter checked, or generator? …

Water pump - Springdale Keystone 2009  
Charged trailer 12 v batteries then reconnected, now water pump not working and water pump panel does not light up?

What is the plug on the back of 2009 40ft 5th wheel RV for? 
Hello, I have a real stupid question I am needing answered. My mother lives in a 2009, 40ft Sandpiper 5th wheel RV with 3 slides and runs on 50 amps. We …

Owners manual for Alfa see ya 2005 fifth wheel  
How do I find a owners manual ?

No fuss flush head install - 2007 Fleetwood 32 Fiesta  
How do I get access to the black water storage tanks to install a no fuss flush head?

Fleetwood 1998 22LW trailer/GMC extended cab truck 
Leaving on our first RV trip we plan 5 months through the southern states. I have a large generator/Champion. Don't know if I should bring it along?

Water system - 2001 National Tradewinds Diesel Pusher  
We have a 2001 National Tradewinds diesel pusher, we just cleaned the water holding tank and replaced all filters in the RO system. Now we filled …

Driver shade fuse location? 2012 Fleetwood Discovery 
Where are the fuses for the driver and passenger power visor shades for a 2012 Fleetwood Discovery 36J?

1991 Fiesta Class B bypass valve? 
Hi. A friend of mine is letting me use his 1991 Fiesta Class B motor home if I'll do some work on it & get it going. The water pump works & I have …

Remove shower - 1996 Chevy Tioga Flyer hd 
Need to know the secret to removing the hardware in the shower?

Preparing for FT life in our RV 
We are making the hard decisions of what to take/what to leave. We will be traveling in a 34 ft 2015 Open Road Roamer. Does anybody travel with an …

Fuse location? - American Coach / American Eagle / 2006 
Where is the fuse for the tail lights ?

Is the Propane system worth it? 1973 Layton Camper Trailer 
I'm currently undergoing a total overhaul and rebuild on a 1973 Layton camper trailer and plan on using it to travel to various states and look at property …

Fresh water drain - 1991 Alpha Sun 5th wheel trailer 
Where is the fresh water drain valve?

Inside pictures of 1990 36 ft Nomad trailer 
Looking for pictures of inside of a 36 ft Nomad trailer with 2 bed rooms.

Toilet won't flush - 2012 Tiffin Allegro bus 
Electric toilet will not flush. Has a red and green light on. Tank is empty and has been flushed.

Insurance required? 2013 Prowler 
Do I need insurance for my travel trailer?

RV won't accept city water 2009 Keystone Springdale  
RV won't accept city water 2009 Springdale ?

Half power lost - Prowler 2007 fifth wheel  
Have lost half of the power, microwave works and 2 outlets ?

Size of wastewater tank - 2002 Fleetwood Prowler 
Hi I was just wondering what the size of my waste water tank is on my 2002 Fleetwood Prowler fifth wheel, any help is appreciated thank you.

Electrical issue - 2000 Kit Road Ranger 40' 5 wheel 
I am having a low voltage issue on the ac power not triping breakers. Just pulling lites down and then kicks out?

2001 Expedition low point drains 
I just purchased a 2001 Expedition DP (first time RV) and I have not been able to locate the low point drains to sanitize the system. I have looked in …

How do I turn on my hot water - 1992 Holiday Rambler Alumni Lite 
I am pretty sure my hot water heater is under the kitchen sink but I could be wrong. but regardless, when I bought it the seller said everything was wired …

Switches - Allegro Open Road 
I have a 2008 Allegro Open Road 32LA. There are two switches in the bathroom over the light switch that have a red indicator light between they. Can anyone …

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Sulphur smell - Arctic Fox travel trailer 2005 
We've lived in our trailer for 2 yrs. We recently moved and are hooked up to well water now our water smells like sulphur, it has never done it before. …

Refrigeration for 1996 Alpha See Ya! 
Is it possible to have the refrigerator on while driving? Is there a separate 110 fuse to replace for the air conditioning?

Air conditioner running on generator - 1993 Jayco Designer series 
The air conditioner was running off the generator yesterday. Today it would not come on. Just purchased.

Dometic RM3862 refrigerator - Newmar Kountry Star 1997 
Frig started beeping about third week of May, after I bought it used from a dealer, and had been in it for two weeks. Would behave for a while after resetting. …

Black and grey water dumpage - 2002 Winnebago Adventurer  
I have recently inherited a 2002 Winnebago Adventurer and have so far had a very hard time dumping the grey and black tanks, my rig smells so bad I am …

50th anniversary Franklin 8ft.6in.wide 
I can't find any pricing information on this model. It is either park or travel trailer and is only 5000lbs. 1995, 35ft long with hitch and is 8feet …

Slideout electrical problems - 2015 Forest River Rockwood 8280 signature 
2015 Rockwood 8280 signature 5th wheel, no power for lights on slideout interior?

DC power draining battery - Fleetwood Prowler 2001 
We have a 2001 Prowler fifth wheel, the battery keeps draining dead! Is there a shut off valve for the DC power? Where?

Is it possible to full time rv while on disability? 
My wife gets disability checks for her and her two boys. Can we still receive them while living fulltime in a rv?

Tub won't drain - 1997 Maverick Georgie Boy  
First time taking our "new" 97 Georgie Boy Maverick out. Took a shower and now the tub won't drain. Wondering if I missed a valve or something.

Grey water tanks - 2013 TradeWinds fifth wheel 
Grey water 2 shows full but tank 1 shows empty how do I select tank ?

Left hand turn signal not shutting off 
I need reason for the left turn signal not wanting to shut off. We have been full timing for over 30 years. I don't consider myself all that smart, …

Cigarette lighter dead - 2004 Georgie Boy Pursuit 
Cigarette lighter on my 2004 pursuit dead, cannot find fuse.

Pulling a car vs rental - 2002 Winnebago Brave 35 ft 
Getting ready to travel cross country to CA. Some rvers have told me its to hard to pull a car and to rent instead. Can't really afford to rent car …

Location of circuit board - 2004 Glendale Titanium 5th wheel 
Where can we locate the circuit board for our 2004 Glendale Titanium 5th wheel?

No water pressure in shower and sink 2006 Cardinal 30 ft fifth wheel 
I have no pressure in my fifth wheel how can I increase this or fix the problem?

Blown blinker fuses - American Eagle 1998 class A 
It seems that blinkers work fine until the electric step goes in or out and then the fuse blows for the left blinker immediately. What is the correlation? …

City Water versus Fresh water from on board tank? 
I connect water from the RV park to the fifth wheel but the only way to get fresh water is by turning on the system pump. Is there a valve I must open …

Internet and Tv Service 
We are about to become full timers and want to have internet/tv service and would like to hear any recommendations people might have. It seems there are …

Help locate brakelight fuse - 2003 Holiday Rambler Neptune 
I was changing a brake bulb and blew fuse, the fuse also controls the power assist motor for the brake system. I checked every fuse I could find in the …

Dash electrical - 2004 Landau Georgie boy  
Dash ac and radio won't work, its been sitting a while. Is there fuses and relays I need to check and where are they located?

How many Fulltime RVers 
How Many Full Time Folks Are On The Road?

What to buy new or used class A rv? 
I trying to decide what to buy a new Class A RV or used. We are going full-time rving next year and this is our first rv purchase. Which is better to buy …

New product for using solar power on the road and at home: UNplug 
UNplug works with a single solar panel and battery to ensure uninterruptible power during good times and bad. A single system can provide power for a refrigerator, …

Should I buy a 40' RV or 45' RV? 
We are looking to go full time, but want to trade our 39' Fleetwood Excursion in for the 45' Allegro Bus. My concern is that we will be even more limited …

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How to retract visor - 2014 Newmar Canyon Star 
My problem is with the front windshield visor/shade. It will not retract.

Odor Issue - 2005 Thor Four Winds 
After driving the class c motorhome particularly up and over hills, there is a smell that emanates from the bathroom...fumes, smells like combo of antifreeze …

Slide problems - 2010 Montana 5th wheel 
Slides stall when bringing them in or out when using the switches, works when using remote. Replaced batteries and board and problem persists

Generator stopping 
The generator won't stay running when start switch is released. It will stay running with preheat button engaged but no current flow. When you release …

In dash air conditioner - 2007 Fleetwood Revolution le 
Where do you service coolant on an 2007 Fleetwood Revolution le. in dash air conditioner? I'm unclear where the service point is located. I would like …

Slide outs - 2004 Georgie Boy 
I have a 2004 Georgie Boy. The slide outs quit working. I replaced the circuit board and switch but with no luck . Any suggestions

No Power - 2006 Wildcat Forest River 5th wheel 
My 5th wheeler has absolutely no power. We changed the fuses and it worked for a few hours but it's dead again. We bought new batteries as well. …

Health insurance for Fulltime RVing 
We would like to fulltime rving but concerned about getting health insurance and the cost.

All level indicators say empty - Fleetwood Prowler Lite fifth wheel 1999 
When I select the different tanks (Fresh water, Grey, Black, and Battery) they all report empty even though I have been putting water into them (at least …

No water flow using on-board fresh water pump - Fleetwood Prowler Lite fifth wheel 1999 
I am a first time owner of a fifth wheel a and I can't find the fresh water drain valve (so it can be emptied and winterized). I am also confused about …

Wanting to buy used hitch adapter 
Looking for used fifth wheel hitch adapter for b&w gooseneck mount.

Low Point Drain valves - 1992 Jayco 215SD Fifth Wheel 
I see where the two drains come out underneath the camper but I cannot find the valves to open them. I've checked every cabinet inside as well as a …

Where to purchase uhaul car hauler trailer 
Just used a uhaul car hauler to haul my Grand Vitara instead of a toe bar. It was great, felt like part of my rig. Where can a purchase one, or one …

Remove Awning - Allegro bus 1990 
I would like to temporarily remove main awning from camper so that I can use a wooden porch instead. How can I do this?

Porch light bulb used - Hy-line 2002 
What bulb is used in 2002 Hy-line porch light?

Hot water release valve - 2013 Montana Mountaineer RV 
We want to go camping but cannot find the hotwater release valve and the fill lever direction is confusing.

Shower faucet - NUWA Champagne Edition 1997 fifthwheel 
How do I access the waterlines in the shower? I need to change the shower faucet.

Wiper arms - Allegro Bay motorhome 2001 
Where to find wiper arms?

Fresh water shut off valve - 2007 Holiday Rambler 
Where is the fresh water shut off valve on a 2007 Holiday Rambler RV? Can't find it to drain tank.

Full timing with children 
Is it legal to full time with children? I had an officer threaten to turn me in to DPS if I slept one more night in my RV with my child.

Sewage tank release lever broke - 76 Dodge motorhome 
How do we empty the sewage tank as our release lever has broken. I have a 76 Dodge motor home.

What Size Generator Do I need - 2005 Forest River Cardinal 5th wheel 
What size generator do I need to power a 2005 Cardinal Forest River 5th wheel?

DC lights flashing on off - 1986 Chevy Georgie Boy motor-home 
The inside dc lights keep flashing off and on. Then will stop and randomly start flashing again. 1986 Chevy Georgie Boy motor-home.

Location blinker fuses - 2003 Coachmen Cross Country motorhome diesel pusher 
Running lights four ways brake lights all work but no blinkers?

Headlight replacement - 2005 Winnebago Journey 
How to replace low beam headlight on our Winnebago Journey?

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Finding suitable spots for large coaches - 45' Newmar King Aire 
Is there a problem in finding suitable spots for large coaches in camping areas?

Staying connected as a full timer? 
What is the best recommendation for a portable internet connection?

Fix plumbing behind shower stall - 2015 Jayco travel trailer 
My new 2015 Jayco travel trailer has leak behind the shower stall. It only leaks when the water is connected to the camper or if I turn the pump on. It …

Fuse location - 1992 E 350 Ford Windstream  
Where is the cigarette lighter fuse location?

Electrical problem - Holiday Rambler Neptune 2008 
The problem started a month ago while driving to Texas. The instrument cluster went dead and the generator shut down, and a few seconds later they started …

Furnace Cold Air - Georgie Boy Pursuit 2004 
Our furnace blows out cold air in the bedroom and bath. The front room is ok. I checked the area around the furnace and it was cool to the touch. Any …

Fridge problems - 2002 Alfa seeya 38 ft diesel pusher 
My frig, heater/ac thermostat and water/op gas + waste and fresh water monitoring panel all went out at the same time?

Good Sam Travel Assist Program 
We are getting ready to retire and plan to travel the US in our Cougar 37 foot camper. We have joined Good Sam and just received an offer to purchase …

Where is light switch - 2005 Holiday Rambler Next Level 
We purchased a 05 38' holiday rambler next level with 2 slides and cannot find the light switch for the side flood lights. Does anyone know where it …

Sewage tank bypass/removal - 1992 Sandpiper 
I have a 1992 Sandpiper parked permanently in my backyard. can I remove the sewage holding tank and tie into sewage line?

Suburban Heaters in 2009 Tiffin Phaeton 
Are the 2 furnaces independent and responsive to their own thermostat. Can you run electric heat on one and gas on the other or do both thermostats have …

Shower faucet access 2004 New Horizon 5th Wheel 
I am having problems trying to find the back side of the shower faucet in my 2004 New Horizon 5th Wheel. I can trace the lines underneath in the storage …

Finding Leak - 03 Keystone Montana mountaineer '32 
I went to de-winterize the camper today and as i was checking for leaks I noticed one of the low point drains leaking. Upon further inspection i saw it …

Wiper switch doesn't work - 1992 Allegro Bay Class A  
1992 Allegro Bay Class A wipers work on "washer fluid" cycle but not otherwise. Switch just spins.

Driver's license each state - 45ft Entegra 2015 
My husband and I are going fulltime and people are telling us when you pass through different states you need different license. Could you please tell …

Remove sofa bed over holding tank - 2004 Winnebago 
2004 winnebago...I need to remove holding tank under the sofa bed how do I remove the bed?

Slide Out Button - Alfa 1992 5th wheel 
Where is the in and out slide button for my sofa slide out?

Electric Schematic Diagram - 2003 Alfa SeeYa 
Does any one have diagram for the 120 volt system on my 2003 Alfa SeeYa?

Electric outlets not working - National Dolphin 2004 
The electrical outlets in front overhead that the TV plugs into don't work. The ones behind the passenger seat do work. Is there a breaker somewhere just …

Dirty tow vehicle (Behind Motorhome) 
We own a 2014 Winnebago Journey 40 U and tow a 2014 Honda CRV with a Blue ox tow bar, after traveling especially if the roads are wet from rain and reach …

Water pump location - 1995 alumi-lite 
where is the water pump on the 1995 alumi-lite?

Holding Tank - Alfa See Ya 2002 Motorhome  
I have never used the holding tank on the 2002 alfa see ya motorhome, i want to drain it and than refill it. I'm not sure which lever to turn on can't …

Furnaces Blowing Cold Air - 2000 National Tradewinds 7373 
Furnaces were working fine and started blowing cold air on night, was not out of propane.

Electrical Issues - 2007 Keystone Montana 3485SA 
Electrical issues no power for outlets in kitchen or dining area or ceiling fan, breaker isn't tripped, Keystone refused to provide an electrical schematic. …

Switch to Control Exterior Security Lights - 2007 Alfa See ya Gold 
Where is the switch to control the exterior security lights on the 2007 alfa see ya gold?

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Refrigerator not working 
My fridge is not cold and freezer was working fine ?

Water pump not working, 26 degrees in Texas 
No water when opening faucets; no water pump noise; 26 degrees; best procedure to address?

Tv removal in 2007 Fleetwood expedition  
our tv is located overhead in the front of our RV. The connection is real bad but we can't figure out how to get to the back of the tv to see if there …

Slide Outs Not Working 
Our slides worked 3 days ago, and now they will not come in, no power, where is fuse or relay???

Water Pressure Problem - 30 ft 2013 Coachmen Freedom Express 
We bought our 1 year old trailer 5 months ago for our retirement. We have it permanently parked in a nice RV park. Immediately we noticed a water leak …

Water Pressure Low 
The water pressure in my travel trailer is so low that it makes it hard to wash dishes and bath. Please help!

Tank heater - 2006 Cardinal Fifth Wheel 
I am trying to figure out which holding tank is for the Manchester's heat?

Auto Leveling Jacks - 2004 Tiffin Allegro Bus  
Auto leveling jacks will not lower? Can anyone help please.

Manually Operate Slideout - Nu Wa Snowbird SE 1996  
How to manually slide in slideout?

Running Light Fuses - 2011 Fleetwood Tioga Ranger 
We need help finding the running light fuse?

Leaking Shower Faucet - 2008 Cardinal 5th wheel 
How do i replace the shower faucet in a 2008 cardinal 5th wheel? Leak behind shower wall where handle is located. How do i access the hoses to find …

Buttons on Toilet Don't Work - 2005 Monaco Diplomat 
We have a 2005 Monaco Diplomat motorhome. The buttons on the toilet don't work all of a sudden. Can't flush and can't fill toilet with water.

Water Pump Location - 1995 Aluma-lite 5th wheel  
where is my water pump located?

Ceiling/Porch Switch Doesn't Work - 1999 Winnebago Itasca 
The light switch that turns on the ceiling light and the porch light doesn't work and also one of the switches that turns on the floor lights in the hallway …

Where to Find List of Gas Class A's for Fulltime RVing? 
Where can I find a list of gas class a's designed for fulltime rving?

Two little red lights over door 2003 alfa see ya 
I wanted to know if anybody knows why the two lights never go out over my door it says chasie and stor

Getting Rid of Older Holiday Rambler RV 
I have an older Holiday Rambler RV that has engine problems, but otherwise fine I like to get rid of, interested contact me in Illinois on 309 828 5057. …

How to Open Engine Compartment - 1995 Allegro Bus 
We bought an Allegro Bus 1995 and do not know how to access the motor. Please can anyone help?

12 volt plug-in not working - 2004 Fleetwood Expedition 
The 12 volt plug above the passenger's seat is not working. There is no power to that outlet. The 12 volt plug for the cigarette lighter works fine. …

Tax Address 
What address do you use for "home" and is that address where your taxes are calculated?

About the RV Loan 
When applying for a loan, I was told by someone not to mention we are going to live in the RV full time because it will make it harder to get a loan. …

RV Won't Start - 2001 Winnebago Journey Caterpillar Engine 
Engine was running, I put transmission in gear with brakes set and engine suddenly stopped. Now it won't start and none of the instrument panel warning/caution …

Hercules Tires 
Does any one have an opinion on Hercules tires ?

Residence and drivers license 
I am new to full time rving. Something has been on my mind lately. I have established residency where I'm from in mo. and I have a Missouri drivers license, …

RV Awning Not Opening - Atasca Sunova 2014 33c 
Awning starts to open but stops and recoils. Hesitating opening and won't go out.

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High Pitched Squeal - 2008 Montana 5th wheel 
For the first time, a very high pitched squeal sounded throughout our 2008 Montana 5th wheel and stayed on for quite awhile. We turned off all the breakers …

Frozen Kitchen Pipe - 2005 Open Road 5th wheel 
Hot water line frozen only in kitchen sink. Where is line and how do I fix?

Hot Water Heater - 2008 Fleetwood Terra 
I have no water coming out of the hot water heater, cold water is running everywhere what's going on?

Cleaning Septic Tank - 2006 Fleetwood Prowler 
How do I flush out / clean the septic tank on a Fleetwood prowler?

12v Batteries Not Charging - Nomad 25 lt 2004 
Batteries not charging using 12 volt system on our Nomad 25 Lt 2004? Any ideas most welcome.

Replace Old Tube TV - Alfa 2003 Class A Diesel Pusher 
I want to replace my old tube TV located above the dash with a flat panel set. Is there a retrofit kit available or am I in my own?

Kitchen Pipes Frozen - Forest River Sandpiper 
How do we find the pipes for the kitchen faucet and u thaw them? This is our first year in winter and it got pretty cold last night - 13 degrees.....

Choosing a Camper - HELP! 
We have sold our home and are purchasing a camper. House market was bad; ended up renting to a family. We had a plan to be camp hosts and in a couple years …

Gas or Diesel RV Engine 
Which is better, gas or diesel engine for hauling an RV? We have a 26' trailer which seems to be inadequate and not sure our 2013 Chev 1500 Silverado …

Fuse Location - 2004 36 ft Winnebago Journey 
Would anyone know the fuse location for cigarette lighter on our 2004 Winnebago Journey?

Electrical Switch - 1997 Jayco Designer Series 5th wheel 
I have a 3 way switch on wall in kitchen; one switch controls my gas hot water heater don't know what the other 2 do? Need a diagram showing how this works. …

City Water Flowing Into Freshwater Tank - Fleetwood Fiesta 2008 
When hooked up to the public water the water flows into my fresh water holding tank and today overflowed from there instead of bypassing it. It never …

110 volt Lights Not Working - 2005 Forest River F37 5th wheel 
When I'm plugged into a power source the lights that run on 110 aren't working. No breakers are thrown or fuses blown and all other appliances are working …

Heater Stuck On - 1996 Road Ranger 5th Wheel 
The motor to the heater in our 5th wheel will not turn off with the thermostat all the way down and off. I pushed the thermostat up to engage blower and …

Heater Stopped Blowing Hot Air - 2007 Sandpiper 35/fw Montana 
my heater has stopped blowing hot air. i want to call someone but i don't know how to access the heater? i have a 2007 sandpiper 35/fw montana.

Malfunctioning Clearance Lights - Cardinal 5th Wheel 
While driving down the highway the clearance lights on our 2006 Cardinal 5th wheel keeps going off and then will come back on. What is causing that …

Power outlets not working - 2004 Rialta RV 
Just took out first trip --- in our 2004 rialta. Very new at this. All three power outlets didn't work. Unable to plug the tv or cook outside using …

Beeping Noise - 1990 Road Ranger 5th Wheel 
There is a beeping noise outside? Would anyone know the cause?

Fuse Location - Tiffin 35qba 2015  
None of my televisions have power in 2015 Tiffin qba. Anyone know where I might find fuse box for these?

A/C Receptacle Power - 2006 Cross Terrain 5th Wheel 
No power at a/c receptacles when slides are retracted and hooked to 30 amp box. Should receptacles function?

Four Season Full-time RVing 
Hi Everyone! My wife and I work seasonally, and spend most of the year in Alaska. Until recently, we had planned to build a tiny home on a trailer, but …

Water Heater Problem - 2000 Fleetwood Discovery Motor Home 
Our hot water line froze; it is now thawed but we cannot get the water heater to ignite. Can you help us?

Furnace - 2008 Journey Winnebago  
Furnace won't work when plugged into 50 amp? Will work on propane. Help please.

Battery Shutoff Switch - 1990 Holiday Rambler Aluma Lite 
Where is the battery shutoff switch located?

Fill Fresh Water Tank - Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel 2001 
Do not know how to fill the fresh water tank? We have it hooked up to the hose now furnishing water. Cannot find a by pass value to get water into …

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Black holding tank location - 1995 Nu Wa Snowbird 5th Wheel 
Need to know where the black holding tank is located on a 1995 snowbird 5th wheel?

Value on my 1974 Cab-Over Camper 
I really am just trying to get a value on my 1974 D.G. Leisure Products Cab-over Camper. Does anyone have any ideas?

RV age limits 
We have read up some on this but still a little confused. We are looking now to purchase for full time living in an RV but are limited in price to 4k. …

Leveling Jack Resevoir - 2011 Fleetwood Terra 
Where are the reservoirs located to check leveling jack oil?

Researching RVing 
How do to carry bikes with your RV? And, how do you keep them secure? Thank you. I am thinking about RV living to save money and pay off debt. …

Shore Water Inlet Leak - Fleetwood Terra LX 34B 2008 
Outside shore water hook up. When unhooked from shore water, while cleaning the inside of the coach with the potable water pump, water leaks out of …

RV Newbies - 2005 Jayco Granite Ridge Class C 
We are 'newbies' to an RV, had the 1 hour training but that was months ago. Now we're going on our first trip from MD to NC for drag racing. How …

Water Valve - 1996 Skylark Skil CT 
Can not find the water valve for the washer and wash basin? Where can I find a manual so I can locate the water valve?

Hot Water Valve - Thor Tiffany 1996 
Does anyone know where is the hot water tank shut off valve so I can winterize? Thanks

Water Heater Bypass Valve - Alfa See Ya 2007 
Where is the bypass valve for the water heater on my alfa see ya 2007?

Grey water tank removal 1992 C-30 Fourwinds 
How to remove the Grey water tank?

Tiffin Phaeton Questions 
My gas/electric water heater has quit heating water when on shore power. It is original on 2005 Tiffin Phaeton 40QDH. Help?

Holding Tank Draining Location - 1999 Alfa Gold 5th Wheel 
Does anyone know where the drain lever to empty holding tank is?

STOP Winter Moisture Build Up - 2011 Forest River 
Last winter my 3 year old RV everything was damp and musty, moldy smelling. The mattress, all blankets and the carpet was wet. Our bed the carpet pillows …

Turn Signal Fuse - 2004 Winnebago Journey 
Where can I find a fuse box diagram for a 2004 Winnebago Journey. I am looking for the turn signal fuse.

Need manual - 79 Allegro hrsc 
I need a manual to find location of the thermostat, as well as info for radiator hoses & routes. Plus many more questions that need answering.

Hot water problem - 2000 American Dream 
Hot water is not making water hot ( warm yes). We are on 30 amps now. Had no problems when on 50 amps. Is the water heater going bad or is it the amps? …

Need an Owners Manual - 2012 MVP Destiny 5th wheel 
My Husband and I just sold our 5th wheel to a family member and we can't find our owners manual. Does anyone know where I can find an owners manual for …

Water Valves Open or Closed - 2004 Nomad Skyline 
I have water valves under the bed and in the bathroom. The manual says nothing about how to open or close or to bypass the water heater?

Fresh Water Drain Valve? - Tiffin Allegro Bay 2005 
Where is the fresh water drain valve on a Tiffin Motorhome Allegro Bay 2005?

Storage Door Issue - Winnebago Brave 36M 2002 
Storage Compartment Doors won't stay up when opened. I've replaced the gas cylinders on some doors, but did not help. Could it be because of dirt buildup …

Propane Tank Removal - National Seabreeze 2006 
Can a propane tank be removed from a 2006 Seabreeze Motor Home?

Water leak - 2000 Gulf Stream Yellowstone Class C 
I have a slow water leak dripping from above the fresh water holding tank at a plastic vent on 2000 Yellowstone Class C. Is there some way to fix …

Changing a Garden Tub to a Walk in Shower - Cardinal 5th Wheel 
We have a 2001 35 ft. cardinal 5th wheel. It has a garden tub in the corner of the bathroom. We are having trouble stepping over the side of the tub …

Sateillite MiniMax vs DirecTV Slimline 
Does anyone know which of these is best for tv reception, Winegard Satellite Roadtrip Minimax vs Winegard SK-SWM3 DIRECTV Slimline?

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Tire Size - Titanium 30/35 2009 
What size tires are best for a titanium 30/35 5th wheel?

Jack Stands - Class A Motorhome 
Can I use cutting boards under my jack stands on concrete?

Fuse box location - 2004 Alfa Gold Fifth Wheel 
Where is the main fuse box located in a 2004 Alfa gold fifth wheel?

Fuse for my Rear Slide - 2000 Georgie Boy Cruise Air 
The slide won't extend and doesn't make any noise when we push the switch, the front slide works fine however.

Plates & Drivers License 
We have sold our home and are now full time rvers. We have registered our MH in Montana but our car is registered in NY. We also have NY drivers licenses. …

Refrigerator Will Not Turn On - 2000 Monaco Diplomat 
Northcold refrigerator will not turn on? Can not find a fuse, plugged in to the AC at campground. Everything works but the refrigerator. Worked fine …

How to Turn A/C On - 2001 Alpha Gold 
Can not seem to get the a.c. to work on this unit, have tried every thing that i can think off?

Forest River 2005 Sandpiper for Cold Weather? 
I am looking at purchasing a fifth wheel. Is the Sandpiper fifth wheel considered to be insulated enough for cold weather living in the North West during …

Heater AC Fuse? 1996 Holiday Rambler Imperial Diesel Pusher 
The in dash heater and air conditioner will not work, am not able to find a fuse or switch to turn it on. There is a large fuse box in front of the …

Size of Car to Haul 2004 Nomad Lite Series M-242-LT 
Can it be haul with a half a ton truck?

Roomy Class C Motorhome? 
My wife and I are seriously considering full time rv living. Our problem is size. We don't want a class A because it is much too big of a vehicle but so …

Fresh Water Pump - 1992 Allegro RV Motorhome 
Trying to check/diagnose fresh water water pump. We can't find the pump?

Wipers Not Working TRICKY TRICKY - 2003 Fleetwoord Expedition 
Recently a new owner of a 2003 Fleetwood Expedition 34m. I can't figure out how to use the wipers or they are broke. Called the previous owner and …

Wheel Is Battery? - 2005 Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel 
Where is the battery located in a Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel.

No Headlights or Fog Lights - 2000 Itasca Horizon 
We have no headlights or fog lights, but have all other lights. Don't know which fuse to check, do not have a fuse diagram, please help. Maybe if someone …

Electrical Overload - 1996 Alfa See Ya 5th Wheel 
For some reason the refrigerator and the a/c blower will not work at the same time. When the fuse is in the blower stops working and the frige stays …

Bathroom Faucet - Winnebago Rialta 
My 1995 Winnebago Rialta bathroom faucet that is for both the sink and shower leaks at the base quite a bit. Has anyone replaced one of these?

Replace Mattress? - 2000 Fleetwood Discovery Motorhome 
My sister has a 2000 Fleetwood Discovery Motorhome. It is 38' and the entry door is in front of the passenger seat. How can she replace her queen size …

AC Run on House Batteries? - 2002 Alfa See Ya 
Will the ac operate on house batteries?

Manual Operation of Slide in 2015 Forest River Wildcat Fifth-wheel 
How do I manually operate the bedroom slide-out of a 2015 Forest River Wildcat Fifth-wheel? Where do I insert the crank?

Type of Roof ? - Holiday Rambler Aluma Lite 
We have a 1991 Holiday Rambler Aluma Lite bumper hitch. Does anyone know what kind of material the roof if made of ?

7 Way Plug Power Problem - Dodge 08 3500 
When the camper is plugged into trucks 7 way plug there's no power inside camper. There is power to the outside lights though?

RV spacing - How close is too close? 
We are preparng to go to an event where RV's will be tightly packed into a field. How close is too close when it comes to parking RV's to each other... …

RV Sleep Number Bed Quit Working - 2005 Discovery 
Verified RV sleep number bed has full power but hard wired remotes no longer work? Any ideas please. :)

Winter Travel Trailer 
I am looking for a travel trailer to use during the winter only. Don't need any of the summer stuff like; ac, awning, water anything. Just need something …

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Generator Housing - 2002 Monaco Windsor 
I have a 2002 Monaco Windsor. I went to run the generator out so that I can check the oil. I can hear the motor but get no movement of the generator housing. …

Wiper Problem - 2007 Winnebago Journey 
Wipers will not come on and I cannot find a fuse to reset?

How to Fix Sagging F150 
What is the best way to fix a truck that sags when you hitch up a travel trailer. I am using a load leveling hitch which was installed by the RV dealer …

Black Water - Forest River RV 2007  
If on a permanent sight and plastic pipes are hooked up directly to septic system, can we leave our black water tank open all the time?

City Water Won't Flow - Tioga Ranger 316 2012 
I just purchased this RV. I hooked up the city water as usual and it does not flow through the RV. I filled the fresh water tank and the pump would send …

Wall Structure Material? - 2003 Forest River Wildcat CT 
How do I find out what the walls are constructed of, so I know how to attach things and they won't fall down?

Camper Stuck in Upright Position 
I need to tow camper about 45 miles in upright position. What is the best safe way to secure it to tow? Arietta

Levelers to be Installed - 2000 Rialta 
I would like know if anyone has installed levelers on Rialta Motorhome. What kind did you use. Thanks, Paul

Water Pump Location - 92 Seabreeze Motor Home 
Could anyone please point me in the right direction to find where is the water pump located on a 92 Seabreeze motor home?

Leveling Jacks - 1997 Dolphin Motor Home  
Could someone please help me with how to make the electric leveling jacks go down? Thanks in advance. Linda

Fuse Box Location - 2007 Jayco Melbourne 
Where is the fuse box located - we are new and can't find it.

Fresh Water Holding Tank - 1997 National Dolphin 
Where is the fresh water holding tank drain valve on a 1997 National Dolphin.

Hot Water Pressure - Cardinal 5th Wheel 2006  
I have lost the water pressure on the hot side of the sink in the trailer. I have pressure on the cold side, what causes this and how can i fix it? …

Full Timer State Residency Status? 
We are considering now that we are retired of being full time RVers for the next few years. We cannot however afford to keep our home in Oregon and thus …

Wiper Arms - 2001 National RV Tradewinds 7373 
Am in search of two new wiper arms for 2001 National RV Tradewinds...do not know where National RV parts are available...I live in Connecticut....

Refrigerator Used or New 
Refrigerator used or new do you have one for sale? Mine measures 53 1/2 tall x 23 1/2 wide. Please let me know email at ashesue214 -at-- yahoo.com …

Hot Water Heater Issue - Jayco Designer 2006 
We have a water heater question, the water does not get warm? Any ideas?

How to Maneuver a Fifth Wheel into a Tight Spot 
I want to move a 32ft fifth wheel into a backyard where it will be tight going around the back corner of the house. I was told a forklift could be …

Entrance Door Wind Noise - 2002 Monaco Windsor 
How to stop entrance door wind noise?

Fresh Water Drain Valve - 2001 Dolphin Motorhome 
Where is the fresh water drain for a National RV Dolphin 2001 motorhome?

Gray Tank Removal - 2013 Jayco Seneca 
I am wanting to know how to remove the gray tank from a 2013 Jayco Seneca.

Battery Problem - 2007 Winnebago Journey 
New batteries and won't start, is there a fuse that would cause it not to start?

Dryer Fuse? - Fleetwood Discovery 2012  
Where is fuse for dryer? Thanks in advance, Linda.

Filling the Water Tank? - 1975 Rolls International Diplomat 
How do i fill the water tank? Thanks Lisa

A/C problem - 2005 Alfa See Ya Fifth Wheel 
Does anyone know of A/C problems in 2005 See Ya. Doesn't cool coach very fast?

Driveway problem - Tiffin 35 Qba Motorhome 
We are unable to get our motorhome up the driveway without it bottoming out...need to know what degree drive needs to be in order for this not to happen. …

Main Slide Will Not Work - Forest River Rockwood 
Main slide will not work on our Forest River Rockwood 8280 2011, and we can not find the fuse. Dealer doesn't know where it is and want it brought …

Size of Drain Pipe - Forest River Cardinal 5th Wheel 
Can someone help me with what size of drain on the kitchen sink for a Cardinal 5th Wheel? Thanks in advance.

Toilet to Tank - 2005 Fleetwood Fiesta 
When flushing the toilet does not go to the tank on our 2005 Fleetwood Fiesta? Any ideas please.

What to use for Home Base 
Considering hitting the road but what to use for home base? What do you use for a home base for mail, tax documents, etc? Hi Try these pages, …

Cab Clearance for Dodge Mega Cab 
I have a '06 Dodge 3500 Mega cab with a goose neck ball in the bed. I'm getting a Keystone Montana 5er and wonder if anyone has experience with a curt …

1996 Alfa See Ya 5th Wheel Refrigerator help 
My refrigerator is not cooling properly and freezer is not freezing, this has been going on for 2 days does anyone have any ideas as I have no manual?

Affordable and Safe RV Campgrounds 
Where can I fine safe, reasonably affordable campgrounds to live fulltime?

Black Water Flush Piping 
I have a leak in the piping somewhere between the black water tank and the flush out hookup on the outside of the trailer. When I hooked it up to …

Water Tank Fill 
Brand new to rving. We had 1/3 of water in holding tank and all worked well. My problem came when I added water to the holding tank, all of a sudden air …

RV Electrical Switches - Gulfstream Class C 
Under the dining bench there are on/off switches. What is their purpose and use? This is a 2000 Gulfstream Class C which we purchased used.

Gas Motorhomes 
Anyone have experience with Gas Motorhomes? Do they have enough power for mountain travel? Any Pros and Cons would be appreciated.

2006 Dodge 3500 fifth wheel tow weight capacity 
I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 3500SRW 5.7 Cummins. What weight of fifth wheel trailer can I tow?

RV water system control operation 
My new Yellowstone 5th wheel water system control has three settings, normal, tank and city, what does each position do?

Wireless internet access  
We recently became full time RV ers and I would like to know what people are doing for internet access. I currently have it as part of my Verizon package, …

Electric heater RV 
Just plugged in my camper and my heat will not turn on. We have an electric heaters within our rv but we are not getting any heat.

Wireless internet service for Full-time RVers 
We are living full time in our RV. We are currently on land and have an internet connection, but when we leave we loose that. Is there a company that provides …

"House" battery re-connect 
I recently bought new batteries for my diesel pusher and went to re-install them and upon re-connecting forgot how the cables go...(house batteries) not …

Windshield Wipers 
Windshield wipers are not working on a 2005 Monaco Diplomat RV. They are located on a smart wheel. The cruise works. When you push the button for the …

Small light globes and big hands 
We purchased a 2013 Sandpiper which we enjoy, BUT, the lights we have over our dining table and island have started burning out. I cannot get my hand …

Home State for Full Timer 
We're thinking of going full time but can't decide which state to call "home state" for purposes of tax, vehicle registration, drivers license, etc. …

RVing Mail 
What is the best way to receive your mail while on the road traveling from rv park to rv park?

RV 12 volt outlets - Fleetwood Terra LX 
I have a 2007 Fleetwood Terra LX. All 3 12 volt outlets have stopped working. I have read the manual but cannot determine which fuse is for the cigarette …

Frozen RV pipe 
The pipe that goes to the kitchen faucet is frozen but all the others work. Why is that and how do I get the one frozen unfroze?

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Cooling an RV - Can it be done FULL TIME in Arizona 
Does anyone live in their RV full time in Arizona (Phoenix) area? How cool are you able to get your RV?

5th Wheel Registration Proof, Help Please. 
I have been living in my 5th wheel in a trailer park for 3 years. The park has a new owner. They want proof that its registered but I lost my papers in …

Leak on RV side of Fresh water valve, need diagram/manual/advise 
Alfa Gold 98: I see today, of all days, I have a leak where the outside hose water connects to the RV, just under the AC power door and supply. The …

Seatbelts in RV's 
We are wondering if seatbelts are required in the RV other than for the driver/passenger seats up front.

Home Base Parking 
I am thinking about starting an area for full timers to use as a homebase to park their rv. Covers and utility hookup sure, but what other thing …

Replacement table & sofa for Sandpiper Forest River RV 
Looking to buy 37 ft Sandpiper Forest River 5th wheel. Sofa and table with opposing seats in the slide out are missing. Where can I find?

Towing Fifth Wheel 
Does anyone have experience and information on towing a 36' Alfa SeeYa fifth wheel?

Unattended Motorhome RV 
When traveling (by car) and leaving the motorhome unattended for weeks. For example during winter does one leave the furnaces on at a low setting to keep …

Jayco Granite Ridge 
We have a 2002 Granite Ridge 27ft Jayco coach and want to know how the graywater tank is removed? Wayne

To RV or not to RV 
I am 56 and work as a travelling RN. The agencies I work for provide full housing and utilities plus travel expenses to/from jobs. If I were to start …

Health insurance 
I will be rv'ing about 6 months a year. Does anyone have a recommendation for health insurance that would cover me when away from home?

What do we take with us?? Is a RV packing list available? HELP 
We are doing it. The truck was delivered and the 5th wheel next Tuesday, now I am unsure how to plan and pack these new rigs? Anyone know of an available …

Recent 5th wheel vs motorhome comparisons 
I've seen old posts but how about something from more recent times. We've compared 2013 5th wheels, motorhomes and 5th wheel toy haulers. Any thoughts …

RV Water Pump not shutting off? 
Water pump doesn't shut off.. I have a new water pump.. Tested it by plugging the outlet pipe with a plug and it turned off. This only started after …

Class C Toyota RVs (made from the mid-70s to the mid-90s) 
Please tell me if you know of any free* eBooks, links, etc., that can help me figure out which of the over 20 different models of the classic Class C …

Snow in RV slideouts - Winterizing my RV 
We have no slideout covers. How about snow on them?

Is it possible to live comfortably full-time Rving in a cold climate? 
Hello, I have no experience with motor homes. I am wondering about the viability of full-time motor home living in the northeastern USA/Canada. We …

West Coast RV Parks that are the best for permanent long term full-time living? 
I am looking for some help in finding an RV park to live in full time for perhaps many years. Because of health reasons I cannot be in an area that is …

Class A RV Purchase 
I know some rv's are not built well enough for full time living. Some are just meant for the occasional vacation. Which Class A motor homes are well built …

RVing through tunnels with my class A with a propane tank? 
Can I go thru tunnels with my class A motor home with a propane tank? I plan on making a trip from New England to Fla.

Financing Class A Motorhome / RV 
How does one get financing through a bank for this loan? I've been told by a few banks they do not finance when I tell them am going to use motor home …

Are deeded RV lots worth it? 
We are planning on living full time in an RV when we retire in 7 years; would like to travel the first year to decide where we would like a home base. …

Replacing RV Couch or Refrigerator 
How do you get an old couch or refrigerator out of the rv? Seems the doors are a little too small. thank you

Fulltime residence camping in New Hampshire Long Term place to park / stay 
Does anyone know where in New Hampshire around Concorde where I can park and live for a year.

Holding Tank Help 
We decided to become full time rv'ers back in January, the only thing I have found to be a problem is the smell from the toilet when flushed especially …

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Paying Jobs for RVers 
We are full time rv ers and need to work as we aren't retired yet. We have been in our RV since October of 2010. And have been working and just would like …

Renter's Insurance for storage 
We are full time rving but we have a storage for our belongings in case we do decide to rent a place. Since we don't have a home now, we can't get renter's …

First time snowbird...Motorhome 
I have owned a motorhome for many years, but always traveled. This year we are going to Texas to beat Northern Illinois Winters. If had wanted Winter, …

RV Cigarette Lighter doesn't work 
I have 2 12V Acc plugs (cig light) and both went out. I tried the fuze and it was good. Am I missing another in-line fuze?

Towing Behind Motorhome 
We're new to the RV world. Have a Class A unit, and am having trouble finding a list of vehicles which may be pulled behind our coach. Am looking for …

What happens if the owners of a Coast To Coast RV'ing package dies? 
Owners of a Coast to Coast RV'ing package has died. Daughter has contacted Coast to Coast and NO ONE will respond to her and the family is still paying …

24 ft Prowler Travel Trailer AC 
I have a 24 ft Prowler trailer, going to purchase a generator to operate AC how many watts will I need?

2007 Jayco Seneca 35GS 
I would like to know if anyone out there can tell me anything about this motor home? Like the Good, Bad, or the Ugly. Pros & Cons

Living Full-Time What address is on your License? 
We intend to move our family in to a T.T. full-time. No house, no property.What do you put on your driver's license? And other documents that need an address? …

Can my Toyota TUNDRA do it??? 
I have a 2012 Toyota Tundra 5.7 Platinum edition. My wife and I are planing to purchase a 30-35 ft Travel trailer. I did a short test pull with one on …

Class C motorhomes parking in provincial parks 
Can I just go park anywhere in Toronto parks just for few hours for a picnic or work on my vehicle for a bit? Are there any laws against this?

Shower Faucet replacement - Fleetwood Fiesta 
How to replace on a 2007 Fleetwood Fiesta lx 31m?

Fresh Water Tank Drain - Tiffin Motor home Allegro 31 
Where is fresh water tank drain on a 1999 Tiffin Allegro 31 SA?

Securing Propane Tanks - Alfa See Ya Fifth Wheel 
How do you secure the propane tanks on an Alfa See Ya 1996 fifth wheel.

Hot water tank switch on a Jayco 5th Wheel 
Where do I find the gas/elec switch for the hotwater tank in our 1995 Jayco Designer Series 34 foot 5th wheel?

Tire Inflation on a 2004 Winnebago Spirit 
How do you check tire pressure and inflate the tires on a 2004 Winnebago spirit?

Spoiled food goods - RV Storage 
Why does the heat in my cabinets spoil my plastic and canned foods and what can I do to prevent it?

Considering full time RV living. 
We would like to have a home base, such as a small garage which we could use as storage. And a place to be in between travels. We have talked to some people …

RV Rear Living Room or Kids Bunkhouse? 
Hello there. I took an over the road job a few months ago and plan to buy a 5th wheel in June and the family will join me. I'm typically in one place for …

Class C RV engine compartment  
How can I lower the temp. of my class c engine compartment ???? Hood scoops ??

Can't find Class A, B or C at/under 30 feet with washer/dryers? Please share any knowledge! 
I am FT time RV'r living in travel trailer now and wanting to purchase a new 30 foot or under class A, B or C. Trouble is I can't find the brands that …

Looking for a place to roost lol 
I own my travel trailer and presently live in the backyard of some friends. They want to move and have asked us to move with them but things are a bit …

Chinook bathroom specs or floor plans 
Hello, am looking at chinooks online as I live very rural and cannot find any specs showing the size of the 1996s bathroom/shower combo. Nor can I find …

Warm winter camping in the West 
Where to stay during the winters here in the Western US other than Las Vegas or Arizona?

Hi my names Bob and am a single full-timer currently in fl...just looking for some other fulltime friends. everyone is welcome to send me a friend request …

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RV cab lighter 
My '97 Rialta cab cigarette lighter has suddenly stopped working, and it is not the fuse - any other possibilities?

Check lists for Travel Trailers 
I would like to know if anyone has a check list for travel trailer basically how to secure the inside when traveling, what to check on the exterior before …

Splendide 2000 Washer/Dryer combo 
My washer sometimes (not everytime) will really rock and roll when entering the spin cycle for about 4 to 5 seconds. Is this normal? Also, can you wash …

Best state for domiciling 
What state would be the best for domiciling?

RV Renting For A 2 Week Long Trip 
Hey.. we are a group of 4-5 people who are planning to rent an RV for a 2 week long trip. we plan to start the trip from South Carolina and move up north …

Motorhome Warranties 
I have been told that the warranties for most travel trailers are voided if you decide to live in them full-time. Is that true? Also: I can I learn …

We Feel Like We Are Being Screwed! 
Hi We were told we have to buy points to get DISCOUNT CAMPING rates & not free as we were told at the big sales pitch. So now instead of paying …

Brakes in an Rv 
Just recently bought my first motorhome. It is an older Class C. Although the breaks are in good condition, I find stopping a little more difficult. I …

Typical Annual Cost? 
what is the typical cost and how much are yearly dues?do you have to have a home resort?

living a rv lifestyle 
Is it possible to work and support yourself living the rv lifestyle? I would love to do it but the work we do would have to support our life style, and …

Hot Water Flow 
We use our 5th wheel 11 months out of the year, the last few months the hot water will work great for a couple of minutes then dribble then come back on …

Shower Replacement - 2003 Fleetwood Discovery 29S 
We need to replace the entire shower in our Fleetwood 2003 Discovery 29S. The shower pan has cracked twice and the door has loosened (we've repaired it …

Full Time RVing Rig 
My wife and I are considering full time RVing. We would be using our RV to travel, not stay in one location. Any recommendations on what type of RV is …

Sewer Gas Smell 
We are full timers and have an ongoing problem with sewer gas odor when flushing toilet. We have drained tank more often, added more deodorant, thoroughly …

RV Storage Advice 
I just purchased my first RV: a 24' 2012 Jayco Jayfeather Ultra Lite 242 TT and I couldn't be happier with the layout, the quality and the price! Still …

RVing into the USA 
We are planning to visit family in the USA and would like to know exactly what we are allowed to take in our RV when we cross into the USA.

Insurance on 5th Wheel Camper 
If I am going to live in my 5th wheel camper for an extended period of time do I need to carry insurance on the camper itself?

For My Son's Band  
I am trying to decide on an RV to be used for my son's band to tour around the country. They would be touring or only about 3 months out of the year. …

Alpha See Ya Motorhome 
What are the opinions on reliability etc of an Alpha See Ya Motorhome for a First Timer?

Hope I Can! 
I live on SSI/disabled at $1250.00 a month. Being a newbie at full time RVing, can I get it done or is it a pipe dream for me. Yes, I'm doing my home work …

AC Won't Turn On - 2000 Monaco Diplomat Diesel Pusher 
We purchased a 2000 Monaco diplomat diesel pusher. We have not been able to get the air conditioning (unit on the roof) or the heater to turn on. When …

Drivers license and insurance? 
Hello, If one gives up a permanent house address how do you handle the address requirement for your drivers license and insurance? Thanks, …

What can I run on 20 amp service? 
We have a discovery III. It takes 50 amps to run everything. Can we run the heater on 20 amp service?

RV Water Pump Questions 
Hello I have an Itasca motor home, and I am looking for the water pump do you know where it is located?

Storage Tips 
What are some good uses for under the bed? Just discovered the space when flipping the mattress. How do you get it to close back???

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Hi, we are going fulltime in our 5th wheel and was wondering if we should have more insurance coverage than normal. We are Canadian as we don't have an …

2006 Dolphin 5355 Owner's Manual 
My son just bought a 2006 National RV Dolphin 5355 and it did not come with an owner's manual. How does one go about finding one?

1992 Jayco Designer MH 
1992 Jayco Designer 27 MH (Ford E350). Front clearance lights worked until I removed a bulb (#194) to clean, then all 5 went out. Cleaned all light bulbs …

76 Vogue RV 
Hi, I have a 76 Vogue RV I was painting the inside so I pulled the hardware off the light switch so I could paint around it. The cabin lights were working …

Lift Jacks 
The passenger side jack does not lift my 2008 Montana 5th wheel. Any ideas on easy fix? Left jack works but blows fuse after brief lift.

Power Source 
We have just purchased a Winnebago Journey 2007. We are very new at the Motorhomes usage. We are plugged into 110 but we are getting a message that says …

Hydraulic Jacks Won't Deploy 
I have a model 35D Allegra motor home. My hydraulic jacks won't deploy. The level light comes on the dash but nothing else happens. I was recently stuck …

Covering a Car 
We were wondering if we should cover our car with a cover, if that would help. We where told rocks fly up and hit the car.

Manual Slide Out Retractor On Alfa Gold 5th Wheel 
We have a '97 37' Alfa Gold with two slides. The large one will not retract. There is supposed to be a manual way of doing it but the manual doesn't …

Kitchen Sink Water Flow/Pressure 
I have a 2010 Aerolite travel trailer. Recently when hooked up to a water spigot I get water from the hot water side but not the cold water side. No …

Best Winter Travel Trailer 
I'm looking for a travel trailer (about 25-30") to be used in northern Canada. I plan to live full time in it so it needs to sleep 3 adults (double …

RV Furniture 
Thinking about buying an Alfa See Ya RV that is missing sofa and Loveseat -- I am unable to find furniture for this brand. Can one use furniture from other …

Best Lightweight Trailer 
Looking for the best trailer (value wise) to pull behind a Tacoma crew cab 4x4. Any info will help. Thanks. Gvrw on truck is 5485 lbs.

Propane Tank Weight 
Is there a system that can tell you the weight of each propane tank as it is being used. Most tanks weigh about 30 pounds and it seems a load cell system …

Tire Replacement 
I am thinking of purchasing a 2005 coach with 22,000 miles. The current tires are a 2004 Goodyear - G670 vintage. Should I be looking at replacing them …

Travel Trailer Inspection 
If full timing, do you have to go back to the state that the trailer is registered in every time the registration expires?

How do you buy an RV if outside my home state? 
I want to buy an RV in another state from where I reside. How do I pay & not get ripped off? How do you keep money safe till delivery? How do you title, …

I will be retiring at 60 and plan to full time in a trailer. I have an honest question. I am interested (learning everyday) in boondocking the majority …

Florida Camping 
Can you give me some information about camping in Florida? We are looking in the Fort Walton area. Thank you.

Owners Manual 
Any idea where I might find an owners manual for a 2005 Open Road Rv since Pilgrim international is no longer in business?

Water Pressure 
My husband and I bought our very first Fleetwood fifth wheel. Our question: how much pressure can the water pipes take? Will they take 40 psi?

Fridge need auxillary batteries charged to work? 
I bought 2 brand new batteries and my fridge worked great. Was even freezing some things in the fridge it was so cold. The next time we took it out it …

Main and Auxiliary Switch Operation. 
When I am on the road in my 2007 Fleetwood Terra, and I pull over at a parking lot for a night out dining, what switch (main or auxiliary) should I leave …

My husband and I are thinking of going full time RVing in the next year or so. Both of us are still employed and when we retire neither of our employers …

RV Arctic Pack 
We have a 1999 Itasca. Can we add an arctic package to make it a year round unit? Liz

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Awning Problem 
Manual Horizon awning winds closed but won't lock into place. Any ideas on what the problem could be?

Washing Your Clothes 
In all these web sites no one mentions how or where you wash your clothes, I'm just starting to think about getting into RVing. I'm a boater and found …

Parking RV at a Hotel 
We will be traveling in the RV but some of us want to spend the night in the hotel, others want to stay in the RV. Will hotels let you stay in the RV with …

Beeping - 1999 Fleetwood Discovery motorhome 
We have new batteries and new compressor. After riding 110 miles beeper comes on our 1999 Fleetwood Discovery motorhome. Dealership said it was air compressor. …

Alfa See-Ya 5th Wheel 
OK, I'm lost. I have a 94 Alpha See-Ya 5th wheel and no manual. I have a ton of questions for this trailer its nice but so many questions, Alfa is out …

FTS...where are you? 
Been a happy full-timer since July 2011 but haven't met any along my travels from Southern CA to KY, TN, NC, VA, MD and DC. Where is everyone? Is there …

All Season Package? 
How can I tell if a 34' Forest River Surveyor has an all season package?

Washer/Dryer for RV 
Our washer/dryer is leaking. Who do we contact to fix it? I have had problems with camping world service, so that is not an option.

Do you know of a web site for trading homes for RV's? My email is annerinke@yahoo.com. I would appreciate any info. Thanks!

Fulltime RVing Address 
How do I maintain an address in my home state while traveling full time in an RV?

Parking on Grass 
Is there a temporary covering for the grass that we can drive and park our travel trailer on that will keep our pickup's tires from spinning in the sand? …

Wildcat Sterling 5th Wheel 
We have a 2011, 32 ft 5th wheel Wildcat Sterling by Forest River and have a real problem with stability. Has anyone had this problem? Has anyone found …

Charging System 
We have an Alfa See Ya Motor Home. The battery low signal beeps telling us that the battery is low. We have it hooked up to electrical but that doesn't …

First Purchase RV 
Cant decide on Class A versus Fifth wheel for first time RV. I know both are very different but plan on travel not just always parked in RV parks for …

We want to rent a Fleetwood Discovery 3 sided RV but our insurance says they will only cover it if is has less than a 2k pound rated load capacity. …

Used RV Furniture Wanted 
Wanting to update, would like to find a nice used leather sofa and chair for our RV. We have a 1992 Winnebago Itasca Spirit.

Tow Vehicle 
When pulling a 38 foot 5th wheel which is better, the Ford 250 or the Ford 350 dually?

Reliable 5th Wheel Manufacturers 
We have been out of camping for about 10 years and are getting ready to retire and fulltime. Can anyone mention manufacturers who are reliable and those …

Alpha Motorhome Keyless Entry 
Does anyone know where they installed the programming switch for the keyless entry on the 2006 Alpha Gold motorhome?

Insurance Query 
We presently have a Motorhome registed in Florida and insured with Progressive. Unfortunately we feel that they have become very expensive. Could anyone …

RV Maintenance Costs 
Researching the purchase of a 29-31 ft Class C with gas engine for Extended Vacations or Full Timing with a Toad. If traveling 15-20,000 miles per year, …

RV Economy 
Which is more economical, running your generator and house a/c or running engine a/c compressor while driving?

Debating RVing for Work 
So here's what i got: - Travel job moving every 3 months(anywhere in U.S) - Myself, wife and two kids 4yrs and 3yrs -50k for an RV (would like …

Long Term RVing 
When staying at a site for a few months with full hookups which is better, leaving your waste water valves black & grey open or closed?

Four Season Trailer? 
is a Sandpiper fifth wheel trailer considered a four season trailer?

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Medical Insurance 
Does anyone know of or have a group policy for full-timers?

Where to Call Home 
We are not full timers yet, but it is an option for us. If we do this, where can or could we call home for tax purposes? Can we pick any place we want? …

Need Full-Time TT Advice 
I will be full-timing next year...woo hoo! I just purchased my 2011 Ford 4X2 F-150 complete w/towing pkg. I need your expert advice on travel trailer to …

RV Refrigerators? 
OK, I'm definitely a novice here. But, have also been told there is no such thing as a DUMB question. SO here goes, I'm gonna expose my ignorance :) …

RV Door Wind Deflector 
I have a 2004 HR Neptune. The front door whistles a bit as we go down the road. The weather stripping is fine. I used to have a Fleetwood Discovery …

Fresh Water Tank 1999 Allegro 
Just acquired a 1999 33' allegro. I am trying to winterize, but not only can't locate the fresh water tank, but also need to find the fresh water flush …

Forest River Surveyor 2012 Condensation 
We have a new Forest River Surveyor 2012. We were camping this weekend in southern Florida. The temperature got to 34 degrees on Saturday AM and down to …

Instrument Cluster Access 
Would like to gain access to the back of my instrument panel of my '05 National Seabreeze LX 8341(Workhorse) class A motorcoach Is it possible that this …

Wall Wet Behind Bed 
Our bed is in the back of our RV under a window. I notice that the wall were our mattress is up to is wet. Why is it doing that? It's not leaking from …

Hydraulic Slide Problem 
I have a 04 cardinal 5th wheel with 2 slides & when I put both slides out there is no problem but when I retract them, the bedroom slide goes in OK but …

International Tourist Long Term in USA 
I wish to tour the USA by RV for a long time. What should I know in terms of paperwork that I don't know already?

Cantenna for WiFi Signal  
Has anyone out there ever used a "Cantenna"? If so, how did you like it, and how far did you receive signal from?

I heard about an employer called ABC for temporary work or seasonal for RVer's. I can't find a site. Can anyone help with this? Thanks.

Correct Wattage 
We just purchased a 2012 Destiny 5th wheel and it is going to be lived in full time. It's not going to be on a camp site, but on a piece of land. We are …

Rear Running Light Stay On  
We own a 2005 Jayco Granite Ridge Class C Motorhome and for some reason our outside running light has come on and it will not go off any suggestions as …

Membership Subscriptions? 
I am planning to fulltime upon retirement and would like to add to my research with subscriptions. I am a current member of Good Sam Club and RVW. I do …

Water Pressure 
We are hooked up to the site water hook-up but our water pressure inside our 5th wheel is minimal at best. any ideas as to why our water pressure drops? …

Slide Awnings Holding Water 
We have recently purchased a 2011 Mobile Suite with 3 super size slides. They all have awnings which have a problem holding water until the wind 'pours' …

BEST WINTER ROUTE Traveling from Ontario to AZ 
We are trying to map a SAFE Winter traveling route from Toronto, ON to Mesa AZ...leaving Jan 1st.

Tax Records 
Found your website very helpful. Everyone is required by law to keep so many years of taxes...do you carry them along with you or how do you handle that? …

RV Motorhome Loans 
Am considering a new motorhome. We recently sold our stick built home and are looking at down-scaling to a small condo later. So, basically we are full …

Size Restrictions? 
Hubby and I hope to become fulltimers in 2012 (assuming the house can sell by then). We'd like to be as flexible as possible in where we go and stay. …

RVing or not? 
Wondering if there's a site to compare RVing or not to RVing that's the question? I know I can figure the bills out and stuff like that, but there's …

Permanent Hookup Water Tank Overflow 
We are on a permanent hook up to city water. Is there a water pump in the fresh tank because while hooked up water flows out of the overflow valve at …

Heater Operation On a Sandpiper 5th Wheel 
Hi all... We are complete newbies in the RV/camping world. Bought a sweet used Sandpiper 5th wheel in the summer. Now we want to take it out that …

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What to buy? 
Hi, My husband is retiring in January and we are selling our home and buying and RV...but what to buy... We know we want to buy used...cost is an issue, …

Black Residue Around Ceiling Fixtures 
We have a 2003 Alfa See Ya 40' Diesel Pusher. Lately there has been black residue around all of the ceiling fixtures. You can wipe it off and it leaves …

Hard Wintering in a Class A 
Hi folks, First timer here who will have to be in Ottawa over the winter. I've read it's a really bad idea and shouldn't even be attempted but I have …

Where can we explore in the west during the winter months? 
My wife and I are planning on going full time Rving for at least a year and maybe more if we can figure out how to make money on the road. We have saved …

Jury Duty ? 
My question is, what happens when you're on the road full-time and you get a jury notice from your legal state of residency? That is, a lot of places …

Hi, I need to change the batteries in my RV but I don't know what ones to buy. Can I put any battery in there? Does it have to be 12v or 6v or deep …

Health Insurance for Full-Time RVer's 
We are full time rv'ers and just changed our residency to South Dakota. We just found out that Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Dakota will not insure …

Rialta Dash Lights 
My friend recently purchased a 97 Winnebago Rialta. It has a bb sized red light on the dash in front of the driver which we are unable to determine its …

RV Battery questions 
Are there fuses we need to pull on the Toad when towing a 2010 Honda odyssey to keep the battery from draining while towing behind an RV?

Insurance Question 
2003 Country Coach Allure, Sunriver Edition, 370 HP Cummins, 2 slides, 50,000 miles, original MSRP $278,000, bought in Oregon 3 years ago for $135,000 …

Health Insurance 
Hi , nice to see you are having such a great time...i am thinking of becoming a full timer and wondering if anybody has any suggestions for a health insurance …

Wall Covering 
I would like to replace the floral wall covering in my RV. I am unable to find a manufacturer or site to buy the covering to replace it. I really don't …

What Can a 1997 Ford Expedition Tow? 
I have a 1997 Ford Expedition and I am hitting the road for at least a year. I am trying to buy a travel trailer. The one I am looking at is 25 feet long. …

Keystone Passport vs Skyline Koala 
My wife and I are retiring soon and are planning on RV'ing. We are both brand new to the experience and have been looking at two RVs, the Keystone Passport …

RV Year Round 
We are 2 adults children grown, needing to know approximate total costs for food, camping fees, and extra expenses..? Can jobs can be found if need be …

Retirement State 
My wife and I are going to retire and do full time RVing. What is the best state to declare residence in for tax benefits and lowest purchase tax on a …

Home Prep for Extended Absence 
Could someone tell me what I should do to get my house ready for a 6 month absence.

Check List for First Time Fulltimer? 
We own a Cameo by Carriage (2010) and we are thinking of full timing it for one year. Is there a checklist for full timers. You know, a list of things …

RV Water Heater questions 
Sometimes, our water heater explodes when re-lighting during usage. This has never happened at first start - up when cold. Of course, this doesn't happen …

Sulfur Smell In Water or Drain 
We have a sulfur smell coming up from the drains or out of the faucet, it's hard to tell. What could be causing this? Stinky in Oklahoma

Nevada Home State Questions 
Hello everyone, we are doing our homework ahead of time before starting to full time RV. Our adventure will begin once our house sells here in Montana. …

Tax Deduction for Towed Vehicle 
Can mileage used both ways from the manufacturer to the dealer and back again to the manufacturer be used in the standard deduction rate per mile? The …

TV, Internet, and Cell Phone Service 
I am paying $83 for satelite TV, $60+ each on cell phone and internet service. Is there a bundle package out there for those of us who are full time campers …

Managing Mail and Prescriptions 
Hubby and I are giving full timing some serious thought. One question I am not finding an answer to is: How does one get their mail delivered and medication …

Ford V-10 Versus the Competition 
I am looking to purchase a Class C but have been told to stay away from the Ford. Any suggestions?

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Satellite Options 
Is there a way around buying expensive satellite equipment and paying ridiculous monthly charges for either Dish or Direct TV? I find it funny that both …

Battery Charging 
Will my deep cycle battery automatically recharge when I am connected to an external power source? Vehicle is a 1986 Toyota Mini Cruiser purchased second …

Satellite TV 
We are new to full timing and looking for input before we leap into a satellite TV system. We don't have a loyalty yet to any of the manufacturers or service …

Fulltime RVers Insurance 
I have a 1997 just purchased Jayco Designer Series 5th wheel. We just bought it and retired. Any help on what coverage to carry, I would greatly appreciate …

New Owner 
I recently purchased a 2000 Rialta and I'm very impressed with it. I do have a couple of questions to which I'd like an answer. Just recently when I …

Storage Skirts for Pop Ups 
Hello! Does anyone know if any companies sell skirts for pop up camper slide outs? The kind for the bottom of the slide out to the ground. Have been looking …

Replacing Protective Skin Under Our 5th Wheel 
We need to replace our protective skin under our 5th wheel, well part of it. Had to pull some of it down to access the plumbing, of course it won't fit …

Sandpiper 2007 Air Conditioner 
We have a 2007 Sandpiper fifth wheel. The A/C in the living area is not sufficient to cool the unit during extremely hot weather so we want to have one …

Full Time In a Small Lightweight Travel Trailer?  
We have a great small Apex 18FBS. Perfect for my CX-9 crossover. Is it possible in the "real world" to semi full time it in something like that. It has …

Family of 6 (4 Young Children) Looking for RV for Vacations 
We won't be living in it full time, we'd love to do more family vacations and an RV may be the solution in the rainy Northwest. We are a family with …

Do you clean your carpet? 
We are full-timers and have been on the road for about a year. I am thinking it is time to clean our carpet. We don't have any spots just the normal grime. …

We are seriously thinking about selling everything and becoming full time RVers in a couple of years. How do you handle mail and bills?

Health Insurance for Full Time RVing 
Can anyone suggest a good company for offering full-time RVers a health policy until medicare kicks in? My husband and I are 62 and would like to get …

Inverter Shutting Down 
Have a 2000 watt power inverter - running a 6300 btu AC. 13 volts at 1050 watts it shuts down after 5 minutes of running. Has 2- 4 gauge power leads and …

Considered Homeless 
I am a full time RVer who would due to medical and age like to up grade to a MH. I am considered homeless for loan apps. I have over 700 credit rating. …

12 Volt Battery Insanity 
OK, so here's the deal. I fulltime in a 25ft trailer on a private lot here on the Oregon Coast. This means I am hooked up to shore power 24/7. Most …

What kind of vehicle to pull a 33ft trailor? 
My husband and I are really interested in RVing full time and we just got an offer to trade one of our cars for a 33ft trailer. We were really hoping to …

RV Solar Questions 
I am planning on installing a set 45W solar panel on my RV and have a voltage regulator. I will be purchasing the charging control soon. The thing that …

What should we take/have for full time Rving in Florida? We have a 40 ft Elkhart 5th wheel. My hubby and I will be packing to leave soon. Thanks in …

Residency & Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans 
We are wanting to sell our home buy an RV and go fulltime RVing. The question came up about Medicare plans and residency. In order to have a Medicare Advantage …

Sharing Summer Place 
We have a beautiful place on the Yaak river in Yaak, Montana. We are Snowbirds and would love to share our place with other Snowbirds so we can take short …

Electrical problem.. 
Last season I plugged my 30 amp into 110 (not GFI) and got a couple shocks when touching the outside of the unit. Plugging into a GFI tripped it instantly. …

Cooling Without Solar 
We are in Bishop, Ca parked with full hook ups. The problem is are 2 air conditioners take a lot of power. So we bought a portable evaporated air conditioner. …

Electrical Problems 
Hi, I have a 27 foot 2008 Springdale camper with one slideout. Both batteries are new and fully charged. When I push the slideout button to open it …

2005 Newmar American Star  
I am in the process of buying my first 5th wheel and the dealer is advertising it as a 32RKS but Newmar's website only has archived information for a …

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RVing with a Nissan Pathfinder 
Hi there, my friend and I are looking to do a cross-country trip, and we'd like to pull a trailer/5th wheel type RV behind the Pathfinder. Are there small …

Exactly what is cargo carrying capacity as related to RV's?

Best Used RV Motorhome 
I am going to become a full time RVer real soon. I really need to know the best used diesel pusher motor home that I can buy. One that is built and holds …

Doing Laundry 
My wife and I are going full time when we retire next month. My question is would it be worth our money and time to invest in a washer/dryer and if so …

Franklin RV Maintenance & Repair 
I am located in Spring, TX. I am looking for a RV parts and maintenance dealer close to me that I can use to make some repairs on a Franklin CT travel …

Health Insurance 
Hi all - hoping you can help. My partner and I just retired (early 51 & 55) and entering the full timing world and we are looking for health insurance. …

I have seen several large campers being pulled by what looks like a small (relatively) 4 door semi truck. I can't find what those trucks are called to …

Finding Affordable Health Insurance 
How do I find affordable health insurance as I approach my full time RV life?

RV Camping Clubs Comparison 
We are wanting to fulltime RV and are wondering about which camping club to join. We are looking at Western Horizons Resorts versus Thousand Trail Resorts. …

Decal Removal on Hardwall 
I have a 2011 Rockwood Fifth wheel model 8280WS. It has hardwall exterior and the manufacturer has "way" to many little instruction type decals on the …

Looking for Small Trailer to Pull with Nissan Pathfinder 
I'm looking for a small rv to use with my Nissan Pathfinder, sales material says it will pull up to 6000 lbs. Would like any suggestions on peoples experiences …

Propane Tanks in 5th Wheel 
What are the laws on Propane tanks, we use our 5th wheel every summer, and have the tanks filled at least once a year. This year we were told we needed …

Length of RV 
Does a 40 ft RV present any problems for RV parks. Do some parks limit the size of RV's?

Beginning My Venture 
Hi, I'm Xue. I'm 27, single and I want to live full time in an RV for the rest of my life. I see things at a young age that made me pursue this dream of …

My wife and I are selling the house and contents and going "full time". What are some of the wrong turns people made in doing this? And what should we …

Does anyone own a Brookside Fifth Wheel? If so, how do you like it and how would you rate it's quality?

Motorhome Fees 
Do you have to pay other charges other then your tags for a motorhome in Cowley County, KS? for instance like you do for boats and such?

Fiberglass RV's 
Hello, I am considering a light weight fiberglass RV (my first)...I have a Ford 6 cylinder PU and am leaning toward Scamp or Casita. Would like your …

Refrigerator Shuts Off 
My refrigerator will run on LP gas for about ninety seconds, then it shuts off. Any help would be appreciated.

2009 Wildcat 5th Wheels  
Who made 2009 Wildcat 5th wheels? What kind of structure were they? How are they rated? Thanks, CJ

Full Time RVer with Property in State Other than Legal Residence 
We are full time RV'ers with legal residence in South Dakota. We own a park model in Arizona. We are interested in the tax ramifications of selling …

Allegro Bus 2000 
We have owned a Class c...but are about to pull the trigger on a good clean used Allegro Bus that a mechanic truck driver owned. Any help? I feel vulnerable …

Generator Won't Run-1997 Chinook 
Our generator will start but only run for a few seconds. Our coach fuel gauge on the dashboard shows 1/2 full. How full does our gas tank have to be …

Nitty Gritty About Maintenance 
I am a single 62 year old woman, planning to sell my house this summer and start full time RVing next spring. What sort of maintenance am I looking at …

Tire Pressure 
How much air pressure should I run my front and back tires on my 24' class c motorhome? Tires are enduro ht runway lt 225/75 r16

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What type of RV (Motor Home or Fifth Wheel) is the best in terms of convenience, resale value and comfort. 
We are thinking about joining the family of RV'ers and would like some advice from the people who know first hand. What are the pro's and con's of owning …

Custom RV 
Is it possible to get a "standard" class C motorhome customized to your specs? If yes, how do you go about doing it?

Long Term Parking Chicago Area 
Hi everyone; I am a new full time RVer and I am wondering if anyone can help me find a campsite or RV Park where I can stay in or near the Oak Forest or …

Blocking the Hot Texas Sun On the Roof of Our Tiffin 
We bought our 2006 Tiffin Allegro Bus, ready to hit the road, and then I took a pilot job that keeps us in Dallas for many months. So we're full timing, …

Full Time RV'ing When Retired 
My husband and I are considering full-time rv-ing when we retire. What we are wondering about is if we should purchase a cheap piece of property somewhere …

Are there certain preferences or requirements for RVs used in Florida?  
Are termites a problem with wood interiors (cabinets and woodwork)? What about insects and creatures getting into or underneath RV's? Anything else we …

Gas or Diesel? 
This will be my very first time traveling and I don't know anything about RVing. Been thinking on traveling and want to do it for a year or two. Now that …

Why Can't a Realtor Sell Our RV? 
I live in Canada in an RV on a rental pad. A Realtor listed our 5th wheel, which is skirted. We do not pay taxes just rent. Now she says she isn't allowed …

LLC ? 
Ready to sell our house and make the jump to full-timing. It was suggested to us that we could buy an LLC asy in Montana prior to buying our 5th wheel …


Gas Cost and Water Cost 
What's the average mileage per gallon on class A RV and how is the water handled and its cost...We are just starting and are clueless... Thanx, Skip …

Jammed Cargo Door Lock 
I have a set of exterior cargo compartments on the exterior of my RV that have simple turn-lever locks. When I turn the key on one of these it turns only …

Montana LLC 
Greetings, We are about to embark on the fulltime RV dream and will soon be purchasing a large 5th wheel and truck. Could I please get some insight about …

Contact for Burro Travel Trailer LLC? 
I am interested in the Burro Travel trailer kits, 14 and 17 footers. I have had no luck in getting contact information for Burro. The phone number on …

Nomad Affidavit 
I am currently in transition, having sold my home and going on the road full time, I have established a legal address in SD, and need to register a new …

Winterizing a Camp Trailer 
I am looking at moving into my 30ft camp trailer and live in the state of MT. What do I need to do to get it set up for winter subzero weather. I heard …

Titanium 5th Wheel RV 
How can one replace a shower faucet when there is not an access panel behind the shower?

CB Installation 

RV Awning Rugs 
My husband and I are first timers and are looking to purchase an awning rug. We are looking for input/reviews on the best type to buy.

Propane Fireplace 
Does anyone know where I can buy a propane fireplace, freestanding kind I can hook a line to from my propane compartment?

Bunks and Recliners in a Fifth Wheel 
We camp with grandkids, so we need a Fifth Wheel trailer with bunk beds. Unfortunately, most of the models we have looked at (with bunks) don't have recliners. …

What type of RV is recommended for full timers (not yet)? 
We have a 24' TT and thinking of full timing when we retire or, even sooner. We are thinking maybe 5th wheel. My husband is not comfortable driving it, …

Are you able to suggest a travel trailer based upon needs? 
I am going to retire in three years and want to buy a lite travel trailer so I can get used to it. I want a trailer that can sleep two tall adults (separately), …

Are there companies who will move a travel trailer or 5th wheel? 
Are there companies who will move a travel trailer or 5th wheel?

Any suggestions for starting to RV instead of living in hotels for an on-the-road consultant? 
I work on the road and move every 6-12 months to a new client site. I'm seriously considering an RV or travel trailer and would appreciate any thoughts, …

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RVing as an Option vs. Hotels 
I travel as a consultant and stay months in one location, then I move on to the next. I'm seriously thinking of getting an RV or travel trailer - rather …

Sewer (Holding Tank) Odor 
Due to a relative temporarily living in our RV, we didn't notice the holding tank was FULL, she didn't know where the smell was coming from, so I was wondering …

Loading the RV  
We are about to start our full time RVing experience, so what would be an expected weight add to the Rv as we load it?

Models with Slides Facing Each Other 
We are looking to buy a new-to-us motorhome or 5th wheel and would like a model that has slides facing each other for the extra spacious feeling. Any …

Insurance Difference 
How much more is full timers ins vs recreational ins?

Young Couple Wonders 
In 6 short months, we've decided to rent our house, quit our jobs (at 34 and 35), and travel for 1 year full time. We plan to return from our trip with …

Determine Age of Used RV Batteries 
How can I determine the age of the battery/s and tires? We just purchased a 2004 Fleetwood Terra and I know the tires have some code that determines it's …

Rent or Buy 
I am interested in traveling during the summer months only. I am considering a small motorhome because I have a large 50 lb dog and do not feel he will …

Full Time RVing 
My wife and I live in San Diego California, and in about a year plan to get a Motor home (36’) and go around the country for a year or two. Does anyone …

Looking for Winter Park 
The park where we've been caretakers on the outer banks of NC closes Dec 1st. We are fulltimers in our 50's Anyone know of a good WARM winter spot. We …

Arizona RV License 
What license is required to drive a 45 ft. tag axle motorhome in AZ?

RV Antifreeze 
Is there an RV antifreeze that is safe for use in showers and sinks? I would not drink it, of course.

5th Wheels for Full Time RV-ers 
I'd appreciate any input a good 4 season 5th wheel. My husband and I hope to get into full time rv-ing at some point, and I'd like some opinions based …

Burro Door Gaskets 
Hi all, I am looking for the door gaskets for my 1995 17 ft Burro camper, I do believe there should be two of them? If anyone knows where to get them, …

RV Slide Out Issues 
We have 2007 Keystone travel trailer we wanted to bring in the slides we cannot when my husband tried, you could hear it clicking but will not move we …

Getting Started 
My wife and I are moving up from part time camping to full time rving. My question is what should my tool box contain?

Starting Out 
I presently live in an apartment and want to get into full time RVing and thought of giving up my apartment so I can afford and enjoy the full time RVing. …

Is it difficult to find spaces for a 40 footer? 
Now that we are shopping for a motorhome we are being told by non-RV'ers that we won't be able to find many parks that can accommodate a 40 footer.

Physical Address 
My question is how can I have a physical address in the state that I work in, while living full in an RV?

Traveling with Medical Problems 
I am interested in RVing full time however, I have Type 1 Diabetes. I am interested in doing work on the road, but need a job that provides insurance. …

Just Starting Question 
Starting out as a full timer, how do you determine the distance to drive per day?

Which states in the US to stay in wintertime?? 
Where to travel & camp in wintertime??? I am a brand new fulltimer from Canada and I was quite shocked when the campgrounds and provincial parks just …

South Padre Island 
We are going to be staying in South Padre between Christmas and New Year's. Looks like there are only a couple places to stay. KOA and Isla Blanca. Would …

Alfa Motorhomes 
I am thinking about buying a used Alfa See Ya motor home around 2002 - 2004. Would like to know if the quality is any good, do people that own them like …

2010 Ford Escape Transmission Failures 
I've towed 2 times, had two failures. On the third transmission. Ford is non-responsive. Third trip in two weeks, I expect the worst. What then. …

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High Mileage RVs 
Looking to buy a Class C, I noticed most used units that were rentals have mileage nearing or over 100,000 although only five to six years old. How far …

Rving in Cold Temperatures 
I hope to get a job which requires about 60% traveling. My area will probably be in Missouri, Arkansas, Indiana, and Tennessee. We have a 40' fifth wheel …

Full-timing with a chronic illness and health care? 
Hi, My husband and I really want to become full-time RVers early next year and I am seeking some advice. Any help anyone can give would be greatly …

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Info 
My husband and I are both on medicare and just sold our house and are going to join the full time RV'er, but the supplement medical ins. we have, we have …

Air Problem 
Is there anywhere on line where a person could chat or get an answer to a air pressure problem on a Freightliner motorhome?

Orphan RVs 
Should I buy an orphan RV? What does one do without the parts? Are the dealers able to get parts replaced from other parts markets? I want to buy a class …

Toilet Issues 
How to get the toilet working when you are boondocking? Do you just put the water in? Thanks for any information you can give me!

Full Time Questions 
1. My husb and I are doing our research on doing the full time RV thing to see the US. However many questions. I have concerns about the basics such as …

Reconstructing an RV or Trailer Home 
Hi, My family and I have been planning on Fulltime RVing for years (waiting for hubby's retirement). I have a few years yet and would like to plan and …

Baseline Finances Suggested/Required to Begin FT RVing 
My wife & I are both 49 and are extremely interested in becoming FT RVers. We will need, and want to, find work as we travel. But we have no idea how …

No Propane Flow 
We just bought our 4th motorhome and know quite a lot about them, but we're stumped this time. This is a used motorhome with no on around to ask questions …

Considering Full-Timing 
My husband and I are thinking about purchasing a 5th wheel to full time in. We are new to all of this and have a ton of questions. Right now we are wondering …

Kim again! I can't access the comments to my blogs. 
I like being notified of comments to my articles, but the copy/paste of the referred location only shows my comment that started it all. I really want …

VW Eurovan 
Am thinking about getting a 96 VW Eurovan with 93000 km. Single retired woman thinking it might be a good way to start. Any feedback? Thanks.

2001 Rialta battery won't hold a charge (even a new battery). 
Engine battery loses a charge evidenced by inability to start the engine (not even a click of a solenoid activating), no digital gauges, no radio. Have …

Roof Air Conditioner Troubleshoot 
I have a 2007 motorhome with a Duotherm Roof Air Conditioner that is now making a high pitched sound when running. What is it and what needs to be done …

Choosing a Class C Motorhome 
I want to choose a new c class motorhome. It will be about 3 months until I can purchase due to closing/selling my home for full time. The problem I …

What are some good health insurance companys for full-timers?  
I would like to know what are some good health insurance that are national.

Type of Pet 
We recently went full time in our class A motorhome. Our 12 year old cat simply could not adapt and showed her feeling by peeing on our bed almost every …

Are all of the queries from 2010 you have posted or older? It would be nice to know when they were posted if we want to reply.

Motorhome Size 
What is the best recommended length for a motorhome for a fulltime rver?

Monthly Expenses 
What is an estimate of the monthly expenses while being a full-time RVer?

Chinook Dodge RV Engine 
What is the last year they made a Dodge Chinook RV without a computer in the engine?

South Dakota On a Budget 
Hi, We have been retired and full time for 2 months. We are so very new and very concerned that the budget we have will support us for a little travel …

I have been a full time Rv'er for 10 years now and would not change it for the world.....BUT There is a major problem with RV Parks that seems to be …

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Does anyone have a picture of the furnace in a 1981 Burro camper? 
I bought a Burro camper less any appliances. I'm trying to find out what kind of heater was in the Burro and if I could see a picture as to how it was …

Generator Power for Satellite TV 
I have an All-Power 3500 Watt generator for my small RV. The manual for the generator says to use an approved line conditioner for small electrons. Dish …

Dodge 440 Axle Ratio -- Chinook Concourse 21ft. 
I'd like to change from the 4.10 gears I have now, to a ratio which will still pull my 2500 lb boat over a short 10% grade and do it a reasonable speed …

Pickup Bed Liner for Overhead Camper  
What is the best thing I can put on the bed under my Northern Lite 8'11" overhead camper? Is there a good way to keep it from shifting side to side? …

Used Parts for a Burro Camper 
I bought a used 1981 Burro Camper which was stripped inside. About the only thing left was the cushions. I'm trying to find a used propane furnace and …

Convection Oven to Replace My Regular Gas Oven? 
I have an older RV with the typical gas oven and a small microwave. I hate the gas oven because it burns everything unless it is something that can be …

Helpful Hints? 
We are about to start our fulltime journey, the house is about to be sold, the camper is bought and plans are being made. Does anyone have any suggestions …

How can you maintain secure internet on the road? 
How do you find secure internet connections while on the road, for you to do internet banking, pay bills, handle bank accounts,etc?

Model Numbers 
1997 Thor Park Avenue, model# 33RKBS PAFW, what does the model number mean?

Storage Configuration 
We are going to be semi full timers come July (once able to sell house will be fulltimers). We've had our Fleetwood Expedition for 2 years now and the …

How to Register in a State 
We want to sell our current house, buy an RV, and travel for awhile. For insurance purposes, I would like to register in a different state, either Kansas …

Chinook RV's 
I live in Canada and am thinking of purchasing an RV. I particularly like the Chinook range but according to the Transport Canada list of permissible imports …

Security System for Your 5th Wheel 
Is there a security system for your 5th wheel or travel trailer like for your house? We are currently raising our grandson while my son is in the army …

Trading a House for a Class C Diesel Coach 
My wife and I are interested in info about possible RVers who are wanting to go back to a stick and brick residence and would like to trade their Class …

Help - Soon to Be Full-Timers 
We are going to be fulltimers in may 2010. We sold our house and I don't have a clue of the weight I'm going to carry for personal stuff and We need an …

Weight of Trailer 
I have a 14-15ft trailer. I am wondering how much it might weigh? It does not have a bathroom. I have to replace the tongue jack with a swivel jack and …

Has anyone heard of walking talking hot spot, a way to use your cell phones net on your laptop?

Medicare and Residency 
We have been full timers for 8 years now. We have changed residency 3 times during that period and now use Florida as our state of residency with American …

What is the Price? 
What is the difference between MSRP and the actual selling price of an RV? What can we expect for a fair trade for our RV? Should we even mention our …

I need the benefit of your experience 
I have been day dreaming about full time RVing all my life and I am researching doing it for real. I have always envisaged not having a home base of any …

How Many FT RVers? 
Does anyone have an idea about how many full time RVers there are in the US?

Best RV to live in full time 
My husband and I will be living in a RV because his work has him traveling. What would be the BEST RV to live in? No motor home, and I want lots …

RV Condensation 
We have been Full Time RVing since November of 08 and we love it. But we are in a very small 25 ft RV, and the moisture on the windows is killing me. …

New King-Dome 
Hello everyone, I just had a standard King-Dome installed on my 2007 Winnebago Sunova 34A. I have 2 standard Direct TV receivers. The system was not …

5th Wheel Hitch Tripod 
I would like to know if adding a hitch tripod is going to make much difference in the stability of my 5th wheel? I hate to go out and invest in something …

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RV Age Discrimination 
It's becoming quite common for RV parks to refuse space rentals to any RV more than 10 years old. For those of us who maintain our rigs and keep them looking …

How Your RV Water System Works 
Your RV water system pulls water from your fresh water tank or from the city water hookup. From the fresh water tank your water pump pushes water through …

5th Wheel Toy Hauler RV 
Which toy haulers are known/considered full time RV's so as to not have any warranty issues.

RV Roof Sealing and Cleaning 
We just bought a 2000 Class A RV and sure enough there are small leaks around the skylight in the ceiling of the bath. It is a 30' Georgie Boy Landau. …

Living in our motor home during winter 
Please help. This is a first for us during winter and we need to know tips regarding keeping our water from freezing and keeping the interior airtight, …

Towing a 13ft Burro Trailer 
I want to tow my trailer with a 1994 Buick Century station wagon with small four cylinder engine and auto trans. Does any one tow with a similar vehicle. …

RV Slide Out Problems 
When considering a recreational vehicle it's best to avoid RV slide out problems that can block your patio access. Some RVs have lots of slides on both …

RV Entry Door 
Another tip if you're shopping for a different RV is to pay attention to the RV entry door. That may not seem like any big deal, but in a lot of RV parks …

Drivers licensing for RVers 
How will the new Federal regs regarding drivers licensing effect fulltime RVers?

RV Privacy Shade 
Which is preferred - slide in or hook on, to the awning for a privacy shade?

Cost of Full Time Rving 
We are getting ready to be fulltime rvers and it is getting a little scary. Because our 401k took a large hit, we are going to be trying to live on $1,500 …

Love Bug Remover 
Do you know of a good love bug remover? Bugs are always difficult to remove from our motor home, but these love bugs seem to be the worst. What's the best …

Red Box DVDs 
Have you discovered Red Box DVDs yet? One of the ways to be frugal with your RV space and money is to rent new release movies from Red Box locations for …

What RV Manufacturers Are Out of Business 
I've heard that a lot of RV Manufacturers are going out of business or filing for bankruptcy. Do you know which RV manufacturers are going out of business …

Tips Frugal Living 
We live in our small light weight travel trailer full time. We love to read, but bringing a library of books with us isn't practical or a very frugal use …

Save on Gas Milage 
A person hauling a 5th wheel or camper can easily reduce their mileage by adding a wind deflector. You can save somewhere around 3mpg by attaching one …

Awning Security When Extended 
Mine is a manually extended awning. After I extend it, I use two ratchet straps around each end of the roll bar, attach the bottom hooks nearest the ground …

My Experiences with a Splendide 2000 
One of the selling features of our motor home was that it had a washer/dryer combo. The Splendide works well, but because of the poor quality of water …

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