46 and Hitting the Road Full Time

46 and Hitting the Road Full Time

by Richard
(South Plainfield, New Jersey, USA)

My Fiberglass House

My Fiberglass House

When I was 17 I had Joined the Army and retired after 24 years of service and realized after the last 5 years of working the corporate Life that I was not happy.

I decided to get my 13 ft Fiberglass trailer sell all my stuff and hit the road before the new year!. I was not happy because after a 24 year military career where I was happy, it was because I was always on the move, never staying in one place too long before moving on, I think the longest I stayed anywhere was for 4 years. Two years was normal before the next move.

So this lifestyle is perfect, I'm retired not dead. I want to see the country I spent so long serving.

Oh, and by the way I was an Airborne Infantryman so this is like living in style on the road!.

Happy Trails!

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May 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

What kind of travel trailer is that? I would really like to have one.

Oct 01, 2011
Jeep Wrangler Totalled
by: Calud

Well, I came off the Appalachian trail in Tennessee and my jeep wrangler towing my Egg was wiped out by a driver in Kentucky running a red light, the insurance company totaled it.

So I went back down to the Albany RV park (recommend it to everyone, awesome rates, clean and friendly family staff) and bought a 92 ford bronco to tow the egg with the settelement money and have money to spare.. since then I have visited Indianapolis (seen lady victory on the ground from the monument for the first time in over 100 years) Chicago, the badlands, sundance S.D. and Sturgis now I am in Arizona heading to YUMA and Quartzite, loving the life!

Jul 30, 2011
Heat Wave.
by: Anonymous

Well, Left the northeast and headed south to see the Parents in Georgia.. massive rain storm in Washington DC and anyone that has driven the beltway knows that no on is going to give a vehicle hauling a TT a break, especially when the first two lanes are flooded. LOL. So I decided to just go thru DC and head to North Carolina and stopped and spend a week enjoying the beginning of what I now know to be a huge high front causing heat records across the country.. no worries, I'm from California (I'm solar Powered)camped at Smith Lake Recreation Center. it is outside of Fort Bragg but run by the MWR. they have a beach and mechanical pull line for wake boarding, I enjoyed and headed to Georgia where it has been miserable hot.. Well, time to do what all Fulltimers do when its not enjoyable where we parked! hahah.. hookup and move out to friendlier climes. Maybe Newfoundland? It has to be cooler there! hahaha

Dec 30, 2010
Military RVers
by: Calud

I am finding there a lot more retired and veterans out and about in this lifestyle than I originally thought. This is an easy transition for us.. most of us. I had this long conversation with a man in New York who had such a negative outlook on this "hobo" lifestyle he called it. whow? since when did living outside of the corporate job, stick house lifestyle become a bad thing? whow.

I used to envy this way of life when I retired from the Army and went to work as Management in the Corporate world, five years later on 01Jan11 I have sold my stick house, left the corporate world and am on the adventure of my life! and loving every minute of it!.. Now we know why we all Nod and smile when we see each other, we have the secret to "living" and the funny part is... Its not a secret,you just have to do it!..

Dec 30, 2010
Still on the move.
by: Jim

I am also like you was in the Army but I move about every year if not I would 1049 to go now I can go when and where I want anytime and the best part is my wife also loves this life.

Nov 20, 2010
Thanks yall'
by: Calud

Thanks for your comments! I will make sure that I get some pictures this weekend to post. So far I have removed the oem heating unit (as the new propane units ie: mr. buddy and such are more efficient than the 1984 units) and cleaned and resealed the chalking fiberglass, (looks like new) I am going to add red decorative stripes on the outside to match the Jeep tow vehicle and more shelving, just need to get schooled on the art or remodel on the outside! haha.

I am after the first year going to go back to school in a green field, whereas I can work outdoors everyday, maybe something with the national parks dept or something, but want to live in a mobile way, like I did in the Army. I think as with other fulltimers it is the spirit of adventure that keeps us going! :)

Nov 19, 2010
Same Thoughts
by: Relaxed

I can appreciate your idea and plan, retired special ops here also thinking the same thing. I thought I must be crazy, knowing I am not the only one is reassuring. Thanks for sharing.

Nov 19, 2010
13' Fulltime Coach ...or
by: Mary

This is just SUPER! I would love to see more pictures of the inside and hear some more about your travel experiences. We love to hear stories of other fulltimer's homeless by choice lifestyle adventures.

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