30-year-old female songstress full-timing in a Class B solo!

30-year-old female songstress full-timing in a Class B solo!

by Anj
(Atlantic City )

I am a 31 year old female singer/songwriter from New Jersey, and I am about to become a full-timer in a Class B RV, and travel the country playing music in the homes of strangers, without so much as a boyfriend, husband, or even a dog :)

I had a realization around the end of high school, that I was called to make art and music, and should spend my life doing just that. For the better part of my twenties, I attempted to follow my dreams: I recorded and released two records on my own. I wrote music for the OWN network. I played out and gigged in Philadelphia, but touring never got off the ground because of so many factors. In my mid-twenties I took a teaching job, with the intention to move to North Jersey and gig in the city, but instead (and stop me if you've heard this one) - I ended up being a school teacher for 5 years and the music inside seemed to fall away.

In 2011, I got laid off from my job. At first I was upset, but soon after realized that it wasn't losing the job that had upset me, but that I was 29 years old and had no idea what I was doing with my life. My friends were married, had houses, jobs, and were starting families. I sat on the outskirts of that life, getting older, and always dreaming and itchy to travel and see new places, and above all else to make music.

That summer I was offered a job teaching in another district, but I turned it down. Instead I decided to commit myself to music 100%. I raised $15,000 to make my 3rd record through fan support, and spent the last year of my life pouring myself out to create my best work yet. And come October, I'll be releasing that record.

So how did I end up deciding to live in an RV? Well, truth be told I got the idea two years ago - when I realized that the only way I could really get my music out there is to take the bull by the horns and play nationally, not locally. Since that would be impossible while also paying rent, it seemed at the time that an RV was the answer.

I researched them for 9 months, educating myself on everything you'd have to know before purchasing one - and then I waited for the magical Roadtrek to show up! Finally, I found my 2003 Roadtrek 190 Popular being sold by a little old couple in Indiana! When I called them up we became instant friends,and they loved my ambition and desire to make music and travel, so much in fact, that even after I was denied my loan, they let me buy it over 4 months by making installments!!!

Which brings me up to date. It's September, and I've made $11,000 in payments to the little old couple in Indiana. I have to come up with another 11K. I am in the process of getting rid of everything I own (mostly anyway), moving out of my apartment, and booking the first 3 months of my tour.

I have to say that everyone I know thinks I'm out of my mind. My family, my friends - they tell me I'm crazy to go out on the road alone. They tell me that I'm 31 and "time's a ticking" and I'll never have children or marry. They tell me I'll have no security and waste my "money making years". Mostly, I think they are just astounded I'd be so brave and ballsy.

I have no idea what this life will be like, but Ive never been a conventional gal. While the idea of having children sounds lovely, I'm not about to shape my life in a way that makes me unhappy on the off chance I'd meet the right guy and have kids. I do believe though, that when you live your life as your most authentic self, and you act boldly, that you stand the best chance of attracting the love of your life. And I hope that he's out there on the road, and will want to join me on my journey.

It took me over a decade to accept what I already knew at 18 :)

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Jan 28, 2019
Great decision!
by: Debbi

You are not crazy! I am a mom of 4 grown children, 4 grandchildren (a fifth on the way). I have been travelling alone, or with kids for over 25 years. My grandson has already taken his first road trip at 2 with me from Colorado to Texas and his second this summer at 5 from Colorado to Oregon and Washington state.

I love road tripping and am looking for a Motor-home now and plan on living in it full time. It's not a retirement plan for me, I definitely have to work full time. Don't give up your dreams for anyone else's lifestyle or opinion.

Stay safe out there!

Feb 16, 2016
You go!
by: Debbie

I loved reading your story. I left my hometown in Cincinnati when I was 28, taking a transfer to Salt Lake City, sight unseen! I packed everything in my VW Fox and travelled west, did not even have a place to stay.
I am 51 now, and getting ready to hit the road full time next year.
If I didn't take the first jump, I never would have seen so much of the country, or met my husband of 15 years.

One of my favorite sayings is "what would you attempt to do if you know you could not fail?"

It is still a motto I live by every day....

Jun 03, 2015
by: Wendy

I'm also a 31 year old, single female that is working towards living the RV life -- so your story really spoke to me. I'm a musician too, but not by trade more by hobby. But I'm freelance writer and I'm really attracted to the idea of traveling wherever inspiration takes me.

I have the same questions about whether moving around will make it hard to find love, but share your sentiment that if I do the things I love I will attract the people who will love me.

Just wanted to share my story with you and let you know there's another Class B single female RVer out there on the open road with you too. Maybe our paths will cross. :D

Jan 21, 2015
Who are you?
by: Eryn

I am also a 30 year old musician from NJ looking into full timing. I can't afford my $1200 rent for my crappy apartment and I want to be able to travel and live in multiple locations.

I'm wondering if you did this and if you're enjoying it. If you're willing to chat. I'd love to learn about this maybe we can meet and sing together. Please email me eryn a t erynshewell.com

Oct 16, 2014
Follow your dreams
by: Anonymous

All the advice is good advice from those who have lived it. But if you have a desire to travel and explore while you do you your music I say go for it. You will be challenged in all the ways possible but you will learn what you are good at. Keep in touch with those who work as they travel and live full time in their RVs. There are lots of websites to stay connected. You will learn the wisest ways to travel in tight quarters and be economical about it. I am excited for you as you embark on your own adventure.

Sep 12, 2014
You'll Do Fine
by: Anonymous

Making it in the music business, assuming real talent, is all about "commitment until committed". Most singer-songwriters in my ken have plugged away for 10 years before seeing some modicum of success.

Touring seems to be one of those things best done in spurts, with a chance to get off the road and recharge a mandatory element of the most successful tours.

Having your home with you may help with that, but the stress of having to be entertainer, manager, promoter, driver, mechanic, booker and cook and bottle washer may well cut into your creative time.

Keep it in mind and try to give yourself "spa days" where you pamper yourself, get a night in a hotel and treat yourself to massage and mani-pedi, hot shower, and a night in a full size bed now and then. Might even make it one of the "perks" of a contract when playing at the local Holiday Inn...

It is doable, so good luck. Maybe our paths will cross and the Mrs. and I will get to hear you sing. Don't forget, they like singer-songwriters at the RV parks in the Southwest in the winter time.

Jan 21, 2014
Animal Lover
by: Anonymous

Yes, I admit to being a crazy animal lover but you will be amazed at how much company a little dog or even a cat can be.They give so much love and in your situation, protection.

Think about going to your local shelter and see about saving the life of a dog who's only wish is to make you happy! Good luck with your music!

Sep 13, 2013
Follow Your Dream!
by: Cowgirl Kathi

I just read your story and if I were in your shoes, I would let what these well-meaning friends say go in one ear and out the other! There are more interesting things to life than getting married and having a family -- besides, you've got plenty of time for that and perhaps a better chance of meeting Mr. Right while you are touring the USA.

If I had it to do all over again, I might have done exacty what you are about to do when I was younger. As it is, I am spending a year in Naples, Florida and thinking seriously about disposing of all this "stuff", buying my own RV and finally taking my house on wheels to see all the places in this beautiful country of ours that I haven't gotten around to yet.

Best of luck to you, my dear. You have to be true to yourself -- and it sounds like a well thought out plan! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope you will keep us updated on your Journey!

Sep 13, 2013
Songstress - 71 years young
by: Anonymous

I'm 71 years old and entertain 4-5 nights a week in the winter months, performing classic country music. I have been doing this full time for the past 25 years. 23 of those in the South West.

Your best bet is to find a spot you like, put down roots stay there, be entertaining, make friends, & build a reputation. It will take a few years to get established. If you try to go from place to place it will take years longer, and expenses on the road will "Eat you alive."

I wish you much success.

Good luck.

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