24 ft Prowler Travel Trailer AC

24 ft Prowler Travel Trailer AC

I have a 24 ft Prowler trailer, going to purchase a generator to operate AC how many watts will I need?

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Aug 12, 2013
24ft prowler ac
by: Anonymous

The 2000 watt generators (inverter type) are lighter and easier to store. They will run most things if you turn off one thing before running the next. They do not have enough power to start the air conditioning.

For this you require at least 3000 watts but the 3000 watt generator becomes very heavy as they usually have electric start and are not as portable, weighing in the neighbourhood of 140 pounds.

I myself have a 2000 watt generator that I use on occasion when boon docking but am not able to run the air. I am usually out and about during the day so it does not matter and it generally cools down somewhat after the sun disappears and then with the windows and vents open and the use of some fans I can usually bring the temperature down.

The other way with the generators is to run two 2000 watt generators in parallel They make kits for this and it is more expensive than buying one 3000 watt generator but keeps the weight down. You could buy one generator at first to see if you can make do and if not add the second generator after with the kit to join them-----

hope this helps

Jul 30, 2013
It Depends
by: Wil

If you are buying a generator to just power some lights, the microwave or a stand-alone charger, then 2,000 watts will do and there's none better than the Honda e2000i. If you want to be able to run the air conditioner, you will want either a 3000 watt unit or a Companion Honda 2000 watt unit.

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