2010 Ford Escape Transmission Failures

2010 Ford Escape Transmission Failures

by Bill
(Simi Valley, Ca)

I've towed 2 times, had two failures. On the third transmission. Ford is non-responsive. Third trip in two weeks, I expect the worst. What then.


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Feb 19, 2012
Ford Escape Towing
by: ed

You didn't say standard or automatic. On most towed automatics it is recommended to install an after market transmission fluid pump integrated into the cooling lines of the transmission to insure the trans is being lubricated while being towed. Most RV dealers or parts suppliers should be able to set you up.

Jan 01, 2011
Ford Tranny Problem
by: Loz

My recommendation is get rid of the Ford and buy yourself a Dodge! Seriously, that is most likely not an option. Keep in mind that if for some reason you could actually get Ford to take the vehicle back - you will find that it was the most costly rental vehicle you ever had - as they will nickel and dime you for wear and tear, mileage etc. Try to find a good reliable Ford Dealer - ask friends, relatives and the like - there has got to be one out there who can assist you. Good Luck!

Dec 24, 2010
Ford %*^*&^(^(*&
by: Anonymous

I have an 08 F-350 with 28k miles on it. It has been in to the shop for repairs 12 times since it was purchased. No support from the local dealer other than fix it and send me home. It is an 80 mile round trip and costs 25.00 in gas per trip. Ford customer service gave me a case number after I contacted them. But's that's the last I have heard from them.

Take the money and run!

Sep 14, 2010
Ford Failure
by: Anonymous

I have towed a couple of Ford with no problem. The first was a Bronco II. Second was a Ranger pickup, put them in neutral and towed without a problem. According to the manual Ford does not recommend that they vehicle be towed over 40 mph. I have had three jeeps, transfer case in neutral and transmission in park, they free wheel. My best advise, buy a different tow vehicle.

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