2007 Cardinal bunkhouse electrical issue

2007 Cardinal bunkhouse electrical issue

by C Grisham

Just went to put groceries in camper and discovered that there was no power. 50 amp breaker was tripped. Tried to reset it but kept tripping. Finally did stay on but receptacle breaker was tripped inside.

When I reset that breaker it tripped at pole again. Did this several times with same result. To add to this, it did rain here today, however never had problem with rain, and had just washed camper.

Thinking maybe water from washing because fridge was still cold. Fridge does run on this particular breaker in camper. But tried unplugging fridge and did not help. Everything else in camper works except for fridge and most other receptacles.

Micro still works but assuming it is on its own breaker like in houses. Has anyone else experienced this or have any input on where to go from here??? Thanks!!

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