12 Volt Battery Insanity

12 Volt Battery Insanity

OK, so here's the deal. I fulltime in a 25ft trailer on a private lot here on the Oregon Coast.

This means I am hooked up to shore power 24/7.
Most important.

I have had electrical issues since I started fulltiming.

In about March of 2011, I had (what I call a major problem) a short in one of my dome lights that effected systems.

That dome light is still not working and needs to be replaced.

I have a slide-out that extends out and is not brought in or out unless I have 112 mph wind storms.

The slide-out does not slide IN anymore. Who knows, maybe it's not supposed too ;)

In my reading, I've discovered dome lights and fans run on 12v systems. Does the slide-out run on 12v, or on the 110 shore power? I suspect it's the 12v, even when hooked up to the shore power.

When I go to press the button to bring the slide in there is not a hint the motor is even engaged.

What I am wondering is hmmmmm....could it be something as simple as a discharged battery?

Anyone have any ideas. This is only important should there be a Tsunami heading my way as happened earlier this year (though luckily we were not hit). If I can't find a reasonable answer, guess I'll just have to get a "wide load" sign when I go to hit the road. Hee hee.

Thanks to all,

C by the C

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Jul 06, 2011
Battery Insanity
by: Anonymous

Yes, definitely check your battery.

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